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What we Do through Christ

What we Do through Christ

Does what we do Stick?

At Healing Eyes it might seem like we keep trying different things and then change our minds and do something else but what we are doing is seeing what WILL work in Africa. Often what we think will work may not because we didn’t grow up there. So What will Stick? That’s the fun of this journey….learning along the way what works and what doesn’t. Our core value is to show Compassion to widows and orphans PERIOD! This photo is time spent with kids at the Church of Children with Pastor Matthew, he always asks me to bring a ‘Sweetie’…it’s what he calls my Guitar.

Our Tailoring Program

Giving young ladies and widows a chance for something better in life by learning a trade skill.

When grownups act badly you find creative ways around the issue to keep progress moving. That’s exactly what we did back in June of this year when we started the Tailoring program for Widows. This year the people we trusted have turned against us which now leaves us waiting on God’s discernment for what to do in Uganda. This has become a blessing in disguise because now we are working with district officials to resolve disputes and to provide safety for our work in the village. There are 5 wonderful ladies that come to the Healing Eyes home in town 3 days a week to learn how to sew, it’s an opportunity that God put in front of us last year and came to light this year through this program. 5 machines were donated by a Woman’s Small Group at Ada Bible and they are being put to work for God’s glory by these strong widows and at risk young ladies.

We have a need for more sewing machines and also help maintaining the machines. If you want to help support this program financially we would be blessed, see below for ways to Give.


Tailoring Donations

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Donation Total: $150 Monthly

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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