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Today I miss my widows and children in Uganda. I have been back here for 2 months now after leaving suddenly for my health and I am going crazy. One day I want to never go back to Africa and then on days like today I want to be there so badly because when I’m there I feel I have purpose. I think the ‘Enemy’ uses comforts of false security in our abilities to keep a house and a nice car with a profitable job to make us think it’s what we want. Not that it’s bad to want those things because they serve a purpose. Money allows for missionaries to be in the country God calls them to be. Money keep projects going and food in our bellies. But money also leads to lies and stealing even when you go in with good intentions to help other people. I miss living on the edge of safety and not knowing if your safe today or tomorrow or even how you will eat that day. I miss the extreme temperatures and yes even those stupid bumpy roads that seem to go on for miles and miles.

Today I got a different medical opinion on my pain in my back, it now seems to be my neck has a nerve or a disc that’s upset. Perhaps brought on by years of stress on the cartilage and then it shifted somehow and the pain referred itself to my shoulder blade and ribs. 4 more weeks of Physical Therapy to see if that is the cause of the pain. 4 more weeks of waiting….to get better and strong enough to return to Uganda.

Twice a week my guys in Uganda call me to debrief on the week and share stories about the village and how much progress we are making there. Each phone call tells me a bit of what is going on in my absence, it really is awesome to see the work continue through the citizens there. This week I talked about pigs and profit and expenses, forecasting the future, laying out a budget, and trying to communicate to my friend there about how important record keeping is. By the way I know very little about pigs or even pig rearing…perhaps that project is just a way to build relationships for Christ and encourage a family there to learn new things. But we just had 8 new piggies born and that is a good sign.

Meanwhile back in Michigan I am working on crafts to sell at a Craft Sale December 1st, will it make money? I don’t know…I never know….but it’s something.

We need prayer for another person to join our team in Uganda from the States. I posted earlier about a job opening for a married couple or a man to live over there for 3 months or so to oversee the projects in place and also construction. If anyone out there reads this please pass that on and check out the Job Post section on this website. The person (s) would need to fundraise support to serve.

If you want to support our projects with a one-time or monthly donation check out our Support page. We can’t do this without support from you!

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