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Cooling Down

Cooling Down

Early morning conference calls with Uganda are not your typical meetings compared to U.S. standards that is. Big reminder on why Africa is a different world than here is that a key requirement for a meeting at mid day in the village is the host should provide drinking water (ie bottles of water). Now if your in Michigan right now and sitting in a conference room at your meeting imagine the differences just because of that. You might be enjoying a cup of coffee or a soda, maybe some of that good ‘ole FREE tap water.

Water is life…

To be in a meeting in the village when it’s 90+ degrees with no water and the discussion is already a ‘heated’ one it’s pretty impressive how they can keep a cool temper when fights start up. (Sorry for all the temperature puns but I couldn’t help myself:)

Why am I going on and on about water and a meeting.. Well because maybe it got you this far in reading my blog lol!

But truly in Uganda you need water, CLEAN water that is. So luckily I was not hosting this meeting this morning but was expected to answer some questions about Healing Eyes and our purpose in the community. We needed to clear up some confusion and I have to say that God really was present this morning because the meeting could have gone bad real fast but as it turns out we had a good conversation and happy results today. We do need continued prayers over the rest of the year to navigate the legal system and the cultural norms, it truly is a different world over there. From water to people it’s just amazing how diverse the world really is once you start experiencing it.

The conference call ended with some pleasant hello’s from friend’s there and invitations to come back soon to the village to continue the struggle with them. It’s endearing to be wanted…even if you get beaten up along the way by bumps. But the bumps bring out the TRUE flavor of our character and we can see what a person is made of, and what they value in life above everything. We value love and compassion for the orphaned and widows through Jesus Christ, but sadly some value money and pride over the interests of others and right now God is showing us the way and the people who have the TRUE heart for the orphaned.

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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