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Two extremes in our lives

Two extremes in our lives

It’s snowing and freezing here but in Uganda it’s blazing hot. Everyone always gives an overview of what the year was like when the new one starts and honestly 2017 was amazingly productive. When you think of a missionary it’s often the image of a married couple going off to a far away country to witness to others about Jesus, they go for years on end and come back to the states to fundraise every once and awhile. Missionaries give up a lot in life and sacrifice personal comforts to follow ‘the call’.

So when you look at Healing Eyes we don’t quite fit that image of ‘missionary’. Our work primarily relies on local Ugandans doing the day to day activities, running projects, and updating us back in the states of concerns and stumbling blocks for the project. We go to Uganda and check on projects started to see if they are sustainable, then we leave and see what the local people will do with the opportunity given to them. We maintain a base of operations in Tororo Uganda and use the internet to stay in contact and keep business running from abroad. Technology has opened up a new type of ‘missionary’ that doesn’t go for years on end to make a difference. Is that bad? Or is it allowing a shift in how we help the poor… by enabling them to take action to help themselves by planting little seeds of opportunity and seeing what grows and what doesn’t.

Our tailoring program is one of those seeds that was planted in June 2017 and since that time it has blossomed into a big blessing for 5 young woman who have taken advantage of a training program that they can use in the village or town. We hope this kind of ‘helping’ will cause a shift in dependency of a foreign NGO and put more power back in he hands of the people. It’s our hope to expand the project to another village and see what God does with the people’s lives affected by the program. Time will tell if it’s a success or another learning opportunity for us.

Our pig project has been slow lately and in need of a revitalizing approach. We have had successful pig litters but making any money off of the venture isn’t there yet. Prayers for what to do next with it or if it has run it’s course and will become self-sufficient.

Missionaries are always under the eyes of others and the need to be transparent in what we do is important. However, one thing that is not easy is the giving up of personal comforts, security, and freedom. The next time you see a missionary fundraising remember no one finds it comfortable to rely on others for support, it’s never easy asking for that donation, and it always weighs heavy the responsibility that comes with the donations to not let the donor down.

This past year we have endured some physical ailments and went through a couple surgeries for health but God has used those opportunities to allow Ugandans to do the work for God too. Missions isn’t about going off and telling other people what to do or how to act or to be hands on with everything.. it should be more about going and sharing ideas and beliefs and seeing what the people do with it. In our case the people we work with in Uganda are working hard on their own and collaborating on projects to take ownership and show us foreigners how to survive in their country. Along the way God shows himself through our actions and reminds us we are all weak and all need some compassion and love to make it in this life.

Here comes 2018 and we pray it bears more fruit for God and opens more eyes to the healing God wants to do in their lives. Even in our own lives we need some healing eyes:)

Healing Eyes
Healing Eyes

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