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Change a life – Billah

Change a life – Billah

Back in 2015 you might remember a young girl named Billah that I met in Africa. She became a pull for me to return to Africa several times over the year which led to me meeting many more children, that have touched my heart. A series of events later unfolded that led me to Marumba village where the land is that we bought and where tailoring classes are now held. God used a little girl to touch so many lives for Christ. Now Billah has, thanks to donations from a sponsor, been attending a Christian boarding school in mable 
Billah has reached the age and maturity where it might be possible for her to study abroad at a private Christian school in Michigan. Her family has welcomed me into their lives and her older brother just finished Medical school thanks to another sponsor in Michigan. The family is very open to Billah studying in America.
We would love to welcome Billah into our home for the next school year this August. We are looking into Grand Rapids Christian Schools which has an International Program for foreign exchange students. They can sponsor her student visa once all the necessary paperwork and approvals are processed. We are asking now for prayers and support to raise the tuition needed for her to study at 7th or 8th grade level.
As you can imagine an opportunity like this will forever change Billah’s trajectory in life, as well as her family. In Uganda to study at High School (or even elementary school)  is a privilege few children can afford. 
Please pray for us and Billah as we see what God has in mind for this wonderful child of His. 

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