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We are asking for her

We are asking for her

Sometimes giving up is the right approach. Impossible…Improbable…Inconceivable. The 3 I’s of defeat. For the last few years Healing Eyes has overcome some huge obstacles and God has brought us through each time. He always comes in just in the knick of time.

We needed land.. He provided. We need a car..He provided. We needed police assistance..He provided. We needed medical help…He provided.

This time we need support to help Billah study in America and the deadline is a bit too close for comfort. By early April we need to come up with $9-10,000 to register her at the Christian School that would sponsor her Student Visa. Without that money in such a short time we can’t do it. So I give up and turn it over to God and perhaps 9 anonymous people that would feel the pull to donate $1,000 each for a little girl to have an experience of a lifetime. I’d be lying if I didn’t have some self-motivation here because I’ve always wanted to care for a child and to be a mother, Billah isn’t my child but she is very special to me and has touched my life in so many ways. Shown me that I do like kids and that they sometimes like me. God may never bless me with a child of my own but I know that my life is even richer having met Billah and other kids like her in Africa. God uses the smallest people in our lives to make the strongest impact in our hearts.

Help us to share back the joy Billah has shown us over the years by giving her the chance to study in Michigan for 1 school year. She might discover the love for dance, arts, music, and sports. She could be a future doctor who saves a life. She could be the one help another missionary some day. God only knows what the future holds for her. Pray for us to know when the right time is and if it’s NOW.

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