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First of my Firsts in life

First of my Firsts in life

What if you grew up your whole life without swinging on a swing? This was Billah’s first time on a swing set and visiting a zoo. She also saw a lake for the first time. Where she lives there are no swing sets and children’s idea of leisure is sweeping the compound.

Billah’s situation provides a glimmer of hope in an area of high poverty and little opportunity to women, girls, and children. This is an area that offers little hope for the future. Show them that their lives matter by changing one girl’s life forever and giving her the chance for a life experience like no other girl in her village has known. Billah wants to some day become a doctor, who knows if this is the beginning of a journey that can lead her to save lives in the future.

If we all donated $20, and had a few friends and relatives donate, this little girl and her community could see a much brighter future. Please help us reach our goal today. Online donations are SSL secure and tax deductible.

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