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Education of the youth is so important and it can become even more visible when you see how it impacts lives as adults. We have recently been blessed to meet someone that has benefited from a foreign sponsorship to complete his schooling, all the way through a masters degree. Years later a child would never know the impact the hard work and studying they put in today can turn into when they grow up.

Who knows what will happen to all the kids we are sponsoring today. What will they do as adults? Who will they come in contact with that they can help in Uganda?

Starting with one or two children today can changes lives tomorrow. If sponsoring a child has been on your bucket list or on your heart please message us today to learn more about the opportunities we have to change a life.

Want to follow along closer with Healing Eyes, consider signing up as a monthly partner financially and see your pennies go to sustaining our tailoring and first grade class in the village. We need all of your help to make tomorrow a brighter day!

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