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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: We seek to help orphans and widows living in extreme poverty by showing compassion, both spiritually and physically as directed by the bible.

Our Vision: In partnership with an indigenous tribe in Eastern Uganda, Africa we strive to combat poverty and neglect of orphans and widows through a school, child sponsorships, and self-sustainability projects.

At Healing Eyes we believe faith exists through action and looking after orphans and widows in distress. We want to avoid harming a culture and creating a system of dependance by giving out clothing and supplies. Instead we take a compassionate approach to helping those in poverty by being God’s hands and feet to show Christian beliefs, create lasting relationships, start self-sustainable projects to generate income, education of the youth, support for widows, and provide crisis support to free up resources to look for long term solutions to poverty.

We believe that by sharing stores of those in distress we can all learn of the great need in our World, to go out and be Christ’s hands and feet to those living in the dark. Change happens by taking a small step of faith and letting God do make the impossible POSSIBLE.

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