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Sarah’s Story

Sarah’s Story

A young woman’s faith journey through doubt, pain and death.

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My husband and I were married in 2000 while still in college when we said ‘I do’. Over the years we went through painful trials and in the end I now am alone. Widowed at age 34 with no children. We faced infertility challenges together. We lost several pregnancies, one that we held very dear to us, we named Hope. It is a part of our life we never talked much about and even until the end it weighed heavy on our hearts. One of my husband’s final words before he passed away was, “I love God and I’m going to take care of our baby Hope”. My husband didn’t believe in God our entire marriage but a peace came over him in the end and he relented.

We thought Adoption was an answer at one point to our problems. We went thru the steps of seeking an agency, deciding on domestic adoption, and finally waiting on the long waiting list. Then Andy was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer in August of 2012. That was the day when all of our dreams and expectations ended. We then started to fight for his life and struggle through the cancer treatments together. He lost his stomach November 26, 2012 and from then until he died on December 15, 2013 we barely survived.

My invisible friend, God, had pursued me for years even when I didn’t believe in him and finally I am giving in and letting my life be his. When my husband died I sold everything, my house, cars, stuff, and went to help out at a mission on an island. Of all things it ended up being with kids and God unhardened my heart to a pain my husband and I endured for years, being barren. Now through prayer and a rebuilding of my life God is using me to be in Africa and planting the insane idea to start a home for neglected kids where so many are shamed because of deformities or birth defects. If God can use me, a broken heart and lost path in life, he can use anyone and I hope my story can help encourage others to Let Go and Let God take control.

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tricPosted on  5:28 pm - Nov 3, 2014

I wish you well. You have been through so very much loss and sadness. Life can be very difficult.

charleysblogPosted on  8:47 pm - Jan 12, 2015

Sarah, it’s an honor to get to know you through your blog, and also through LOBO’s photos on Facebook. I’ve served with Ken and Sherry on two previous teams in Uganda. I look forward to following your story, and someday serving with you…. Charley Miller

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