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Vulnerable to rejection and hopeful for the future

What I dislike about following God and his vague approach to mission work.

First…the Rejection and vulnerability I am now facing

Second…Not knowing what the next step is when he says , ‘Go’

Third…and most irritating… The tightness in my chest that comes from a day of worrying and stressing about how will I pull of an event I have never done before and engage strangers in my endeavor by COLD calling businesses for sponsorship. Seriously God! Really! ME! I am an I-N-T-R-O-V-E-R-T not a social butterfly. Ahhhhhhh.

Anyone want to do missions work or run a non-profit? Think twice, it is not glamorous and its quite difficult. Yea you get to travel and see new things and meet strangers but you are the Minority in a world that is foreign to you. I think at this point I would prefer to be in Africa as a foreigner than fundraise in America. Give me a Boda Boda and a taxi full of people all sweaty and grumpy any day! ūüôā

Ok…Sorry God for grumbling but I can’t be alone in this feeling. Other missionaries and non-profit owners have to get to a point where they want to crawl in a dark hole and hide for days to make the voices stop. Positive note I have cute pink nails and have submitted a request to DesignOne to donate to the benefit concert, I didn’t pass out when talking to the manager and I got to submit the request online.

I have 3¬†people so far of the 20 I need to give $20 each for Billah and William’s schooling. Yay!!! That makes it all worth it! The smile on little Billah’s face when I tell her she can go to school and her mother can worry less. A close friend of mine, a very sarcastic and blunt friend, said ‘Sarah, I can say ONE word to you that will make you keep trying….BILLAH’. She was right and I strongly dislike her for her rightness and using my weak spot to not give up.

Donate Button with Credit CardsHealing Eyes, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in Western Michigan. If you would like to partner with Healing Eyes on a one time or monthly basis, please make your checks payable to Healing Eyes, Inc. and mail them to 4160 Blue Heron Dr SE, Apt 302, Kentwood, MI 49512. 

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What a little ‘believing’ can do to lift spirits

Can I tell you a story? Of course I can it’s a blog! ūüôā

I am happy..Why? Well I talked to my friend in Uganda again about Billah and found out the money arrived safely at her school and teachers were happy. Billah was happy. And the family was happy. Sooooo I am happy.

It’s small steps really but I’ll take the tiny steps forward over just sitting still and going mad. Now I just need to find the remaining funds to cover the rest of her back school fees and also get little William into school.

No problem!

I have faith and believe it will happen. Somewhere out there someone has $20 just dying to make its way to these 2 kids in Africa and I can’t wait to share with them what an impact they made in a child’s life because of it.


Donate Button with Credit CardsHealing Eyes, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in Western Michigan. If you would like to partner with Healing Eyes on a one time or monthly basis, please make your checks payable to Healing Eyes, Inc. and mail them to 4160 Blue Heron Dr SE, Apt 302, Kentwood, MI 49512. 

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Pay it Forward this Back to School Season

If I said 15,000 Shillings buys a¬†school uniform¬†and that is only $4.41¬†… 300 shillings buys a broom ($.09) ….

  • Ream of ruled paper – 15,000 ($4.41)
  • Exercise books – 300 ($.09)
  • School bag – 50 ($.01)
  • Plastic blue cup – 50¬†($.01)
  • Uniform – 15,000 ($4.41)
  • Grey Socks – 100 ($.03)
  • Broom – 300¬†($.09)
  • Toilet Paper – 50¬†(.01)
  • Scrubber brush – 50¬†(.01)
  • Small flask – 50¬†(.01)
  • Mosquito net – 100¬†($.03)
  • Pocket money – 20,000 ($5.87)
  • Sweater – 1000 ($.29)

IMG_5167The¬†loose change in your spare drawer can do more than one would think. It’s shocking how far $1 can go to providing comfort to another far away. So as we gear up for Back to School shopping and sales fliers maybe the change left over can make its way to Billah and William hoping to go to school with there shopping list.

I am putting myself out there and asking for 20 people who read this blog or bump into me throughout the month to help fill my shopping cart¬†to Pay it Forward this school season. $20 a person will allow me to pay for supplies and send William to school with his cousin and also ensure Billah doesn’t get kicked out of school for late fees.

and if $20 is too much for you right now than even $10, $5, or $1 can bring a smile to these 2 kids I love dearly.

Donate Button with Credit CardsHealing Eyes, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in Western Michigan. If you would like to partner with Healing Eyes on a one time or monthly basis, please make your checks payable to Healing Eyes, Inc. and mail them to 4160 Blue Heron Dr SE, Apt 302, Kentwood, MI 49512. 

Thank you. If you don’t have a PayPal Account Don’t Worry it’s not required¬†¬†look to the bottom left side after clicking the Donate button, where it says “Don’t have a PayPal Account”.

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Does asking #whatwouldyoutake generate empathy for Syria’s refugees?

Makes me think of each time I return to Africa I stress over what to bring for the kids in need there….but then I remember they just NEED to be seen.

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Does hope live in us all? Or is it vanishing?

Why do we run from those in pain when we ourselves know pain?

Perhaps it’s just that sometimes pain is so blinding and can leave us so vulnerable to others. Perhaps it’s as simple as never even knowing there are still people in the world truly in pain but have no way to speak. It is my hope that Healing Eyes can be that voice and that sight for others to speak and be seen. There are hundred of kids in a tiny village right now in such pain but with no voice to scream out. No ears to hear them. No people to see them. Why should we care? That isn’t for me to say, it has to be a personal choice to care and to want to see the pain. To see pain in the eyes of someone so small who has never known ‘comfort’ in the world. To see hope in those eyes when it makes no sense to me how they can have hope when it¬†seems so hopeless. My perspective on hope is skewed because I have seen what ‘comfort’ can be in life.

What can we offer a child in the middle of no where?

Hope! Real hope in others that love does exist.

That is part of what Project 616 is all about. Giving that hope and compassion back to the world in dire need of it. Most of the world live in conditions like this but we can’t SEE it without being told about it. Why? Well we are comfortable and why shouldn’t we be? We can! It’s ok to be and it’s a good thing that some of us can be comfortable. What can we do? We can help those who aren’t in that same comfortable environment. Share the compassion and love we are called to in our hearts. Deep down we know that life is about Relationships and Project 616 is about building that relationship with children in pain. By June of 2016 Healing Eyes hopes to have built the foundation for a relationship to grow in a land surrounded by pain and suffering. Yes I know Africa is a word that’s overused sometimes and orphans and hungry kids.. So please look past the stereotypes with me and¬†be prepared to follow a story in the making. A young widow in search of love, adventure, and hope by holding onto a little bit of Faith that perhaps miracles do exist today! I will need prayer that the spark of faith doesn’t go out, that others will walk along side me to give me strength, and above all that the children are finally noticed for more than just a photo of a sad kid in a far away land.

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A story about a miracle – part 1

Since stories get lost I wanted to refresh this one again. Billah has a very special place in my heart and am blessed to have met her and her family. If only she knew how God was using her to direct my path in life and to lead me to the orphans near her home that will be the next steps for Healing Eyes with the Project 616.

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Joy fades quickly as doubt creeps back in

Instantly Joy from the morning turns to worry and fear that I may not be able to keep helping Billah and all those orphans I found in uganda on my last visit. My heart is squeezed, I can’t breathe, and tears are welling up inside. Why does it hurt so much to feel so helpless to help them. I just was happy a minute ago over sending a bit of money which by our standards is not that much but over there it can mean a lot. A whole $75 bucks but that is 244,000 shillings which can do so much.

All the worry and fear is creeping in…how can I sustain this ministry when I feel so alone and weak. So tiny amidst the giants!

I am reading one of the letter’s from Billah and its so endearing. She writes in english and its cute to hear the words come through the paper, in a bit of broken english. I have placed stamps on several letters to go to kids in Africa, silly drawings i colored and silly words of encouragement. Can it really accomplish anything?

A 9 year old girls says, ‘Slaughter the Big Hen and we enjoy together’. People live so differently in the majority of the world….

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A Joyous Day felt around the world

Yesterday I was able to send some money to Uganda to help pay for a very dear friend’s schooling and hopefully it arrives safely to the school account. There is something joyous about calling the brother and telling him the money is on the way. It seems the school had kicked little Billah out again and they were able to convince them to let her stay a bit longer. So I think the timing of this is all perfectly aligned with keeping her in school.

This is all so scary and exciting at the same time as I have no idea how to keep the money flowing in this ministry but it seems to be working for now and in the process making people happy.

I feel like this blog post isn’t well written ha as to me being OVERFLOWING with joy from talking to my friends in Uganda! Perhaps we might have even prevented a little girl from being evicted from school!

Prayers needed big time to ensure the money makes it by the end of the week to the school and the account number I have is correct, that no one cheats healing eyes, and that the school deducts the money from her past fees. Pray for Billah and her safety and her entire family to find some peace amidst there days. Pray for Billah’s brother who has a kind heart and is himself struggling to get back into the university to become a surgeon.

Can October come any sooner?! I am anxious to return to the waterfall and live a life I was intended for even though it is the hardest kind of life imaginable. Through great struggle comes the most rewarding pay offs though.

If you ever thought of sponsoring a child in need I can really understand how it may not seem rewarding when you don’t have the close relationship gained by direct contact with the family. But I can tell you this, either way it is all about helping a child feel God’s loving arms and not about how we feel by helping. The boost of adrenaline in joy is a nice perk to helping though:) If only I could transfer that feeling to all of you more directly ha!

Thank you to everyone for reading and praying and supporting…just big hugs for everyone and let the Big Hen be slaughtered tonight for the joyous celebration over building relationships abroad!!¬†(yes a slaughtered chicken analogy, my dear little friend wrote that in a letter to me, she is only 9 years old but in Africa it is a great thing to offer an abundant meal to visitors in joy of receiving them)


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Can coincidences lead to truth..the story continues

The continuation of the story which might just convince you that unseen faith can lead to the seen.

An unexpected adventure of a magnificent kind occurred on a sunny day in Africa in the month of June. A young widow came to Africa to see where she belonged and how she could help, and perhaps quiet the voices inside her head.

At the waterfall she met a little girl named Billah and this led her to return again and again. It was on this day that her traveling companion suggested an expedition of a unlikely sort to find a man neither of them knew. She explained he was a man who was helping orphans. They were struggling to provide education, food, and shelter for the children. After finding out that the young widow came to do just that, help orphans and widows she thought instantly of this man with a giant heart. It was only a few weeks before that she was told by her preacher about this man and his project of orphans.

With God’s help the young widow¬†had followed his voice to come to Africa. She could not see why or how but perhaps this might be what he had prepared her for over the past year of searching and hoping.

The two travelers set out very early on this adventure by starting on foot from the mystical waterfall. As they walked many children greeted them from the village. Some ways down the road they found a motorbike and asked for a ride. After the motorbike they found a taxi full of people and stuffed themselves into the backseat. The road was bumpy and jostled them to and fro.

Finally, they arrived at the city and set out on foot to find yet another taxi overflowing with people going in the direction they wanted to go. It would drop them off at a small shack on the side of the road and sign marked Magodesi where they would then meet the man with the giant heart. But it began to rain and the ladies because discouraged as it was getting late and the man they met put some doubt in the young widow’s heart. The young widow¬†prayed for strength and perhaps an excuse to run away. Instead they found a motorbike and went farther down the road with the man, far into the bush.

Finally, far into the bush and down a windy dirt road they came to a school. Screaming kids greeted them with Joy.


The lady was scared and tired, she feared the unknown but she had to keep going. Her heart lifted at the sight of the orphans so happy to see her. The school was very modest and small, the flies swarmed all around her head. The faces of children peered at her white skin and they giggled with glee. Each child had a story and you could see the pain in there eyes. There life was hard from birth and they felt very lonely. The sight of these happy kids in such a poor school pulled at the young lady’s heart. Was this why she came?

As she talked to the man she learned many things. His church helped the school and was also next to the school. It was made up of several woman who were widowed from the HIV disease. When the young lady heard there were 185 orphans and they were being supported by a congregation of mainly widows she chuckled to herself. Not because it was funny but because it was exactly what God had said to her over the past year to look for. He had nicely packaged it into one little spot.

But she was still skeptical..

There was one girl named Esther who had led the man to start the school because of her humped back and long arms. She had tried other schools but sadly the other kids made fun of her because of the hump on her back. She could not stay at those schools and she had no where else to go. So he started a school 2 years ago, it is near Kenya and a beautiful low valley in Uganda. It has handmade chalkboards and a few long wooden benches. The children will kneel in the mud to write on them. Some of the kids are taught under a tree for shelter, while others sit under a make-shift shelter of sticks. The name of the school has the word ‘vision‘ in it. The young lady chuckled again at this ‘coincidence’ as she new Healing Eyes may seem similar. She also realized the man had white eyes and vision problems, perhaps he needed some ‘healing‘ for his eyes.

As she left that school and travelled back to the waterfall she couldn’t help but think of all the ‘coincidences‘ that she were shown to her. Orphans supported by widowssign, many aren’t even the mothers of the children. God had told her she was to help neglected children and have widows help too. But what could one little Widow do for strangers in a foreign land? Then she saw a sign post with words written on it and an arrow, “Healing Ministries“, and it pointed down the road she just came from.

Why would God waste his time on a skeptical young widow such as her? But the words were so obvious, she could not deny the coincidences that lay before her!

Or could she just write it all off as convenient coincidences?

What do you think? Does God exist? Does he still talk to people and does he use such blatant signs to do so?

Well….there is yet more to the story..but yes, that will be another day when I share that and perhaps what ‘Project 616’ is..

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A ride into the night sky as it welcomed home a friend

When miracles continue to happen.. a story for you that leads to another blessing..

One sunny afternoon many weeks later the young lady set out on an adventure once more to the beautiful waterfall. Along the way she rode in several taxis so full of people she could hardly move. She carried with her a musical instrument that made the man at the border crossing laugh and smile. He asked her to play a tune for him, it was quite funny to see a ukulele being strummed by so many staring eyes on the border of two lands.

Once she had crossed the border into Uganda she met a man to take her the rest of the way. His name was Qasher, which meant, “the one you were waiting for”. Quite funny the coincidence she thought because she had been waiting for him even though she did not know him before this day. The roads were bumpy and rough but the lady’s heart lifted along the way since soon she would arrive at the waterfall. This lady loved water and especially waterfalls. They always calmed her and made her feel at peace.

While the two were traveling along she found out he was a muslim and she herself was a christian. This did not bother the pair of travelers. They actually talked at great length about how we are all people and sometimes some people are just bad while most are good. He shared about his family and the triplets that were just born. He offered her one of them since she had no children of her own, they both laughed.

The young lady looked up a the night sky and a great smile came upon her face. She loved stars you see and back home she saw so few at night because of the city lights. When she arrived to a spot in the road where she was to meet another stranger it was very very dark. She greeted the dark man and off they went on a motorbike, through the pitch black darkness and muddy, rocky roads. The stars shone so brightly that night and her new companion said they had been waiting for her, the stars that is.

At last she heard the waterfall crashing on the rocks and saw a dim light above a small building in the distance. There were voices welcoming her. It was as if she had been carried by angels from the border and they so gently whispered to her, ‘it will be alright, rest easy in our arms as we guide you through the dark and perilous night’.

Then a small girl rushed into the lady’s arms once again and she knew exactly who the frail little girl was. She exclaimed happily to the girl and hugged her so tight that they both might have been truly the most blessed and happy people in the entire world. On that very dark and silent night with the crescent moon shining above and every star out to welcome the pair back to each other.

The adventure continued the next day but perhaps that is for another day because this story will be the most astounding tale ever that perhaps you might shrug off as coincidental or NOT..

to be continued..

Can a heart love so much it explodes? I am so blessed to have met this girl

Can a heart love so much it explodes? I am so blessed to have met this girl

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