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A ride into the night sky as it welcomed home a friend

When miracles continue to happen.. a story for you that leads to another blessing..

One sunny afternoon many weeks later the young lady set out on an adventure once more to the beautiful waterfall. Along the way she rode in several taxis so full of people she could hardly move. She carried with her a musical instrument that made the man at the border crossing laugh and smile. He asked her to play a tune for him, it was quite funny to see a ukulele being strummed by so many staring eyes on the border of two lands.

Once she had crossed the border into Uganda she met a man to take her the rest of the way. His name was Qasher, which meant, “the one you were waiting for”. Quite funny the coincidence she thought because she had been waiting for him even though she did not know him before this day. The roads were bumpy and rough but the lady’s heart lifted along the way since soon she would arrive at the waterfall. This lady loved water and especially waterfalls. They always calmed her and made her feel at peace.

While the two were traveling along she found out he was a muslim and she herself was a christian. This did not bother the pair of travelers. They actually talked at great length about how we are all people and sometimes some people are just bad while most are good. He shared about his family and the triplets that were just born. He offered her one of them since she had no children of her own, they both laughed.

The young lady looked up a the night sky and a great smile came upon her face. She loved stars you see and back home she saw so few at night because of the city lights. When she arrived to a spot in the road where she was to meet another stranger it was very very dark. She greeted the dark man and off they went on a motorbike, through the pitch black darkness and muddy, rocky roads. The stars shone so brightly that night and her new companion said they had been waiting for her, the stars that is.

At last she heard the waterfall crashing on the rocks and saw a dim light above a small building in the distance. There were voices welcoming her. It was as if she had been carried by angels from the border and they so gently whispered to her, ‘it will be alright, rest easy in our arms as we guide you through the dark and perilous night’.

Then a small girl rushed into the lady’s arms once again and she knew exactly who the frail little girl was. She exclaimed happily to the girl and hugged her so tight that they both might have been truly the most blessed and happy people in the entire world. On that very dark and silent night with the crescent moon shining above and every star out to welcome the pair back to each other.

The adventure continued the next day but perhaps that is for another day because this story will be the most astounding tale ever that perhaps you might shrug off as coincidental or NOT..

to be continued..

Can a heart love so much it explodes? I am so blessed to have met this girl

Can a heart love so much it explodes? I am so blessed to have met this girl

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A story about a miracle – part 1

We found a place in Uganda that is struggling to support 185 orphans and so I was led there through some interesting ‘coincidences’. Let me begin by telling a little story about a little girl.


There once was a young lady who met a small, quiet girl by a huge waterfall. The lady grew to love the small girl and was very sad to leave one day. However, the lady knew she would see her again.

One rainy day in May the lady found a way to visit the girl but sadly only for a brief moment. She had a friend drive her all the way from Kenya to Uganda, it took 6 hours on very bad roads! The journey was very strange for the young lady because she had never crossed the border in Africa and she was very scared. There were bad men who tried to con her out of money. Luckily God stepped in and found a taxi to drive her and her friends all the way to the waterfall. But her luck still was bad it seemed because she got lost on the way. Many villagers along the way tried to give directions until finally they found the road. Again God led the way to the waterfall. But wait! It started to rain and the car had trouble getting down the muddy road. So the young lady got out and ran through the rain and mud. Sadly, when she arrived the little girl was not there. This made the young lady very sad and a tear fell from her eyes and down her cheek. God sent an angel to watch over the young lady and the angel saw her tears. It then began to rain even harder as if the world felt her pain. The roads became even muddier and muddier and the journey back would be even more treacherous. The young lady begged her friends to spend the night and wait til morning to see the little girl. But they said no.

When she got back to the car and sat down her clothes were soaked and muddy. She choked back the tears. She asked for a miracle to happen to stay longer. The angel from God heard this cry and amazingly the car would NOT start! The driver was confused and angry but the car refused to start. The young lady secretly smiled over this unfortunate event.

Just then the rain stopped too! The sun came out and she felt so loved by God. All of a sudden several small kids appeared at the lady’s feet and she searched for the one special girl. But she was not there. As she waited she giggled and smiled at the small children gathering. Off in the distance she saw more people and heard voices. What could it be? As she squinted she saw a little girl dressed in blue running down the hill. Could it be?! Yes! It was her! As she got closer she spread out her arms and scooped the little girl up into her arms and cried with joy. God had made it rain for the first time in weeks and broke the car so that the little girl would make it in time.

Do miracles exist today?



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Kids are everywhere in the world..Near and Far

How too spread yourself all over the world in search of helping others. 

  • First you need to find an island to keep going back to.
  • Second you need to go a bit farther and find a third world country to embed yourself into.
  • Then you need to just flop between those while maintaining a little stable place in the states.

Does that make sense? Or is it beyond normal way of living? I’m starting to think maybe it’s a bit over the top but then again isn’t God over the top in his demands? I don’t want to try and use God as the scapegoat here on why I travel so much but it really feels like I have a draw to both lands. It’s those kids! Those endearing and precious kids that pull at the soft part of my heart I thought long dead since losing my baby. Never in my life did I think I could like kids or even want to be around them. Is it ironic my name is ‘Sarah’ and that in Africa they kept asking ‘Where is your husband, Abraham?’

Did Sarah in the bible ever think it possible to have a kid so late in age when an angel said she was gonna get knocked up? I think she probably thought that was a bit insane and didn’t make sense. Just a hunch.

Now today a year and half after Andy died I have kids in 2 areas of the world. Soon I might have hundred of kids who know who I am and I get attached to. Whatever will I do if I get attached to 185 orphans in Uganda?! And me Teach!? Really?

Can God really be doing this and truly that ironic to bless another ‘Sarah’ with children? Sing barren woman, she who never bore a child, more are the children of the desolate woman than of her who has a husband….   Really? Perhaps I am overthinking it and over-blogging but sometimes there is just too much coincidences to deny it all.

Healing Eyes is returning to Uganda in Sept 28 – October 27th Officially! This time it’s a mission with a simple purpose..to build a relationship with a man struggling to fulfill his dream to provide education for 185 orphans and disabled kids in a school made up of a tree, sticks, and some mud. We want to see how we can help him reach his goal to help others. We would love to have others partner with us in prayer and listen to what God lays on your heart. My heart has reached it’s limit for now and its maxed out on love for the day…

Healing Eyes

What! No change of airline fee!!

This will sounds miraculous and insane at the same time! Today was a hard day, yesterday was another hard day, and the day before that was really hard. But today, holy cow! I prayed like crazy and I asked others to pray for my heart today and it really works! Seriously! No Kidding! I feel my relationship has hope and I have a hope to grow myself through pain. I think Healing Eyes still has a shot with helping Billah get her school fees paid. Healing Eyes gets to make a birthday wish come true for two special girls on St. Croix. Plus I know Healing Eyes is going to Africa in October and no amount of enemy attacks is going to stop it.

Everything isn’t all honky dory and rainbows yet but I am not an emotional wreck curled into a ball in my closet crying like I thought maybe I would be. I had made a decision this morning to cancel a flight to St. Croix and then I decided to try and get it back but usually that means your screwed with fees. But after a 40 minute phone call and being told I’ll have to pay $277 in fees to do it they came back on the line and said we did it for free! That is unheard of! Really!

I’m sorry but for skeptics out there about God and prayer and compassion and grace and all that bible stuff. Seriously! God is great! and he really does forgive and he really does love! The lady at Orbitz was hard to hear but I love that woman and her name was Elise (my middle name is Elisabeth and I go by Elisa with my boyfriend)! She was used today by God to bless me and I want to dance around the building and jump for joy….or is it the saying ‘On fire for God’! ?

Ok sorry…i’ll try to tone down on the Hallelujahs but I can’t help it!

Word of advice for anyone on hold with customer service…be patient…be kind..and don’t get aggravated…it pays off to be nice to others!

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A sweet girl named Karen

karenKaren was a girl with over the top excitement. Each day I would hear her scream out my name with a little trill in her voice. Sarah!!!!!! There was one day where she pulled me aside and got very quiet, it was the day after I wrote her a little letter to encourage her. She told me the letter brought her joy and it seemed she wanted to open up about something but couldn’t.
We sat alone for awhile and giggled softly about silly things.

She said in a letter to me that her mother wasn’t very nice to her and it’s hard on her. I told karen she should still love her mother even if she is mean to her because perhaps she is just upset at life in general and not at her daughter.
I don’t know what life is really like for her at home but I do know she was the sweetest girl I met.
A bit bossy but aren’t all sweet girls a bit demanding ha

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A sweeter tasting truth than what you can buy here

Look at a banana…is it yellow and curved? Does it not look the same as a banana you could find anywhere in the world? Once you look inside it also looks exactly the same as a banana here or there…HOWEVER…something is different once you taste it. One is sweeter than the other, one is closer to the origin than the other, and one is living in conditions entirely different than the now transplanted piece of fruit.

Now look at a Faith lived out in Michigan and Faith lived in Africa. When you first arrive at the airport in a foreign country it will look the same as anywhere else. Does it not have signs and lights just like anywhere in the world? Once you look inside it has chairs and people running to destinations just like any airport here or there…HOWEVER…something is different once you TASTE it.

Stepping outside you will see odd people and odd smells, cars on the wrong side of the road, farther out you will see odd trees and strange surroundings. Go farther and start living as they live and that is where you will finally see how Faith lived here is vastly different than faith lived in Michigan. Often faith in the States is superficial and not tested. How can I say that? Because my faith here is weak, no sooner do I return than I already doubt everything and want to give up. I can flip a switch and have reliable power, turn the faucet and water comes out that I can drink! No bugs on the floor, risk of ring worm is low, and I have a car with roads that actually can take me somewhere I mean to go. There are jobs that will pay money regularly, and supermarkets that have what I want when I go inside them. How can I have faith in the invisible when I can easily obtain what I see right now!

Why should I chose one life over the other? This one seems more alluring and comfortable, many people can live like this and its perfectly fine, we have to have people living like this in order to help others not living like this. So I have a legitimate case as to why it would be ok to get a job in the normal sense and live comfortably.

I tasted radical faith. I tasted a Sweeter faith just like that oh so fresh banana that melts in your mouth. I just ate a banana here and it is bland and boring. I lived for 6 weeks in a 3rd world country and was miserable most of the time, if I re-read my journal I am complaining and asking to die more often than I am exclaiming happiness, joy, and warm fuzzy rainbowness. I do remember talking on the phone one day exclaiming I am not coming back, I have found my place and its perfect, you’ll have to come here to see me again. Then the very next day I was screaming to come home and was tired of no hot shower and lack of control over my own whereabouts. It was that ONE DAY where I tasted the sweetest poison and I can’t shake it. Borne out of suffering and perseverance to get there and I found what I was looking for there…but then I had to say good bye to it. Each day in Kenya I had barely any control over what I was doing and rarely did any tutoring like I thought I would in the schools. Often the days would be just staring at a wall for hours and occasionally being in a classroom. I learned patient endurance and faith that what I sought was going to appear. I saw why I was in St. Croix for a year and the patience I learned there was extremely helpful in preparing me for this. Tricks I picked up in my boredom there was used to keep me at peace numerous times in kenya. It has all been preparation for the next thing so that it was more of a gradual removal of familiarity and comfort so not to shock me to death. God doesn’t ask us to shock ourselves to death by submission but instead he asks to just let go little by little until you have nothing left to cling to and can be like that sweet banana growing closer to the vine and picked at just the right time for harvest.


Healing Eyes

Rafiki Yangu forever and ever

When we first met I saw a leader in the making…a young lady that possessed a strength only born out of suffering. She shouldn’t be pitied or even looked at as a victim. NO! She is someone who at first introduction would make you think…what was her life like that made her have such strong and imposing eyes. As we got closer with each visit I saw her eyes soften and the beautiful woman emerged from within. How can two different personalities connect so easily? Maybe it was that similar attribute of pain buried within that sparked a connection. As we talked more through ‘passing notes’ to each other I learned more about her life and she in turn gave me so many inspiring words. She is still in high school but I could have sworn she was a girl full of years no child should ever have to earn.

“Look at the birds of the air. They sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not more value than they. Believe in God he will help you in ways of difficulties that you are passing through he will make it be lite.”

“If you have desired to follow Jesus NO Turning back anymore… You were chosen to be my friend forever and ever even if it is in difficulties or in every thing that God made for us.”

If I can somehow share stories of hope and love as I journey through life and also maintain a living by going where God sends me than I will. To make friends like my sweet Josephine forever and ever because God put her in that location at that time to catch my eye to encourage me more than I ever encouraged her than so be it. Can’t life be that simple? To hear the birds in the trees and see the children in pain and know I am in that place I should be…just in time to share words with someone in need. A young lady who is living alone on a mountain, far away, going to school each day to someday be a policewoman. She has no family capable to show her the love and attention kids her age crave but what does she do…SHE LIVES!




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Time in a bubble


The world moves so slowly now and all I see are manicured lawns and greens and yellows everywhere. Time stood still while I was gone and all that I left behind still sits neatly in its place. The home I once knew still is gone and the soulmate I once held in my arms is still at rest. Yet….I am not at rest. I see the birds playing in the trees outside my window and I think..I feel as if this world is not for me anymore. Try as I may and as much as I want it to be I still can’t find him in it….he is gone…and I remain.

Again I learned to slow down in Africa. Again I learned to not be in control in Africa. Again I saw many eyes staring at me as a stranger in their land. They graced me with there concept of time and now back in the States I must adapt back to this concept of time. A world where time means everything and cramming as much into ONE day is crucial if not vital to existing in it.

Back in Africa I left a young girl behind in a boarding school. She has a small little bunk bed and a little elephant to hug at night, but I felt such sadness leaving her behind again. She is not my daughter, I shall never have one of those. She is not family in the normal sense, She is thousands of miles away tucked away in a little mountain village hopefully not turned away by lack of funds.


Back in Africa there is a young lady with such strength children her age in America should learn from. She lives alone, abandoned and forgotten to many, yet she smiles and keeps on living. Many other young ladies with no one to care for them keep walking up that mountain to go to school not every knowing what impact they have on those they meet. I shared time with them…time in a bubble….



My luggage is all unpacked and I am doing laundry with such luxury, a Washing Machine. I had a can of Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup and was mesmerized by the simplicity of making it. The few bits of food in my cabinet that I have to eat..I wonder how I’ll keep eating each day. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I wonder so many things.

I am spoiled, I am fortunate, I am alone, but I think I won’t call myself a Widow anymore. Instead my new name will just be Miss Sarah the fortunate to have met so many hearts in Africa that showed me what’s important.

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Random filled day

Trying to make sense of my day and it’s not really coming together in my head. I decided to visit the school that I call “evil”, since I hadn’t been there all week. So I prayed and read the bible for some strength to face the school. I got on the piki piki and made the trip over. When I got there the school was not open. The kids were off until Monday. Great! So now what?

Well I saw the little kids at primary school in the school yard next door. So i decided to just go over there. I said bye to the piki piki guy and walked over…past two cows. 

Eventually the kids saw me walking over and came running over. The circled me like before. Than we sang and goofed around with the ukulele. I then thought maybe I should introduce myself to the principal and has the kids lead me. I found an adult and asked what can I do to help. He just said, “well you are already playing with the little ones so keep entertaining them”.  

So ok…again I randomly show up at this school and just make it up as I go. We went to the field and I remembered I had construction paper in my bag so I figured let’s make birds and giraffes out of origami. I sit down which then makes the kids come closer and crushed each other. About 50 kids I think and I’m squeezed in the middle of the cluster. I just decided to go with it and made a bird out of paper. I had the kids answer a question in order to get the bird. One girl raised her hand and answered it correctly when I asked Where was Jesus born, so she got the bird. I had to scream over there voices but it was working. So I made a giraffe and asked Who was Jesus’s mother. Another kid answered and got it right. Since many kids were getting crushed I stood up and tried to form a circle. By now more kids showed up and circle was huge. The kids sang and clapped songs. I taught them one new song, “my God is so big”.

Then I remembered I had a fairy tale book in my bag and so I tried having them read out loud. Many were too shy but some took the bait. 

The bell rang and classes started so I followed my gang of kids and settled on a room with about 20 kids. Sat down and waited for a teacher. No one showed. Sooooo I guess I’ll teach English and grabbed a book and started going over past tense words. This was kind of like last time I showed up and taught impromptu. No adults greeted me or stopped, one guy watched a bit and the kids were very quiet then. He waved me to continue. 

Eventually it was lunch time so I followed the kids outside. They were walking home to eat. So I ended up sitting by the road and waited for a ride back. A bunch of kids kept me company and I sang for them. Thank goodness for my ukulele!!

My ride showed up and I found out they were going to run errands and visit the doctor soooo I didn’t want to do that. The next town I found a taxi and crammed in (I knocked my head hard on the door frame) and my butt was kind of tilted up against the metal side and a bar dug into my hip. But it was cheap transport ! Then I got to town and had a piki piki take me home. 

I couldn’t have planned this day. But it was fun with the small kids and teaching English. Yet again I don’t know how I was bold enough to take over a class and sing in a field. But that’s what happened! There was a small girl crying at one point so I hugged her and I hope that was my purpose for being there at that unexpected moment. Another girl’s shoe was untied and I tied it, I think she was shocked and scared of me. 

I hope Billah is getting love back in Uganda. I wish I could be with her now encouraging her…maybe a random mazungoo will visit her school like me and hug her for me. 

Healing Eyes

Is that a pineapple in your purse?

As I walked across the border again, this time alone and after a few taxi hiccups and a mile walk thru Uganda to reach Kenya …I thought something is wrong with this picture. Then I realized this is perfectly normal to walk along the dirt road with cars and bikes buzzing by while I carry my ukulele on one side and my small bag on the other. Dodging semi trucks and onlooking people yelling mazungoo. Yup perfectly normal !

I spent three days in Uganda visiting Billah and her family by the waterfall. It was the highlight of my visit to Africa. I was sick but when I arrived the sickness left and I felt right for the first time in 5 weeks here. It was hard to go but I found out a lot about myself and my faith. Even got the answers I needed from God. He likes to wait until the last week to reveal his master plan. I can say this … It does involve orphans, widows, and yes it’s in Uganda and you can see Kenya from it. Is it land to buy? Nope! But it’s better and I feel very good about this direction.

More to come later. After I recover from being crammed into multiple taxis and yes, some even had people hanging outside the door. I can’t even explain how insane public taxis are! It’s like your cattle being herded without the ventilation. 

Oh pineapple?! My companions I met at the border after they went to Kampala and I went to mbale came back with a purse with pineapple in it. Uganda has the best pineapple! So not only were we crammed in taxis with 20 other people we had pineapples, bananas, ukulele, and bags. It’s definitely a disadvantage to have hips!

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