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Beaten and worn from the day of doubts…but not out. 

Perhaps a miracle did come through today that I can pull from for strength. 

Africa still on for May! As long as God keeps pushing I’ll keep following. Just seems it gets harder the closer I get to following the bread crumbs. 

$3455 raised so far…still a bit to go to fully funded for the 6 weeks serving in Kenya. 

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Too small to go on at this pace…I need a miracle

What’s difficult about having a blog that spells out my plans while also not being sure about my plans 100% is the transparency I try to keep to my followers and supporters.

Bit of a speed bump hit on Africa trip this May. Why? Well I am feeling a sense of need to get a job/career back in Michigan and occupy my days with some actual tangible evidence of my existence. By returning to Michigan I had hoped to work on rebuilding my life even still after losing my husband and to do this its becoming apparently clear I need to work. Preferably I would like to work back at my previous employer since it felt like a family. Now that I have lost that family I feel a part is missing on top of not having Andy anymore.

Healing Eyes is a non-profit business…True! But with no income and no steady work to keep me alive. I am a person who can’t sit still and needs another occupation to create a wholeness. I have Graphic Design Experience, Leadership, Business, Cross-Cultural Teams, Project Management, geeze I started a Non-Profit out of nothing, that has to be some level of accomplishment……..now how do I use that and also go to Africa for 6 weeks and still get a job? Or do I choose?

I want a career again and it feels more important than ever that I have to seek it out…  so…. now what….

This is where I am too small to answer these unknowns and doubts..  This is where God needs to step in and I need a butt-load of prayer! Perhaps that is how God shows his power and my ultimate weakness? Perhaps this is where my mistakes and regrets can either kick me in the butt or prove to be not mistakes…I don’t know..but I do know I need to reclaim a Career and somehow see where the pieces lay.

So I am applying for jobs again…Updated Resume…Job Searching…and I’ll let the universe decide where I fall 🙂

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A blanket made out of pain

At long last the hospital blanket I started during Andy’s hospitalization is complete. Each square signifies visits to the ER and inpatient hospital visits. The blanket lay partially completed while away in St. Croix, safely tucked away in a polka dot pink bag. I hadn’t touched knitting needles in over a year since Andy died…that part of me was over and now I can truly say it is ‘complete’…as complete as I’ll ever feel knowing my soulmate is no longer with me. Perhaps its fitting to leave one side of the border incomplete..a reminder of a life cut short from Cancer.

It is a beautiful story and beautiful blanket to see…each thread and each stitch is yet another woven memory in my story.

What awaits me next is yet to be seen…

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Writing Chapter 2: My First Year of Dating as a Widow

Healing Eyes

The Pruning Of The Lord

Healing Eyes

Luke 9:13-15 (Are You Ready For Your Miracle)

Healing Eyes

Heart-Wrenching Photo of Doctor Crying Goes Viral. Here’s Why – by Pamela Wible MD

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I love Lamp

Last night my lamp fell over and just missed my macbook laptop. It was a heavy lamp, weighted at the base, still haven’t gotten light bulbs for it but it’s been in my bedroom for over a week now. There was no earthquake, there was no wind, it just fell over. Not once has it done that!

Coincidence? That right before it fell over I was grieving Andy and crying over not seeing my husband again? That I was inconsolable over losing my soulmate? Then ‘Thud’ the lamp fell over without hitting my laptop on the floor. I instantly stopped crying and got up to see what fell, since it was dark. Even in death my soulmate tells me to stop crying.

Why do I write about this on my blog that has turned towards Healing and helping others suffering? Not sure…but maybe we all need a smack on the head sometimes to wake us up and see the need around. Countless people are crying in the world. Countless children are waking up to no adult caring that they still exist. Countless mother’s are struggling to feed their kids and Countless others are orphans thrown into the bush out of desperation.

There will always be poor…There will always be need…but there will always be that opportunity to live like today is your last. That life isn’t has stable as we build it up to be with our fail safes we put in place. It can all be gone when a soulmate dies or when your world flips upside down and then what?

Get a lamp thrown at you in the middle of the night? That would get irritating after awhile ha!

Perhaps its something else…that small voice inside that says get up and look at how your day can change if you consider everything is a blessing, even that running tap water that’s safe to drink, or that hot shower you enjoyed this morning, or even yet the bug free floor your barefoot is touching.

Healing Eyes is $1545 away from it’s goal of fully funded for tutoring orphans in Kenya. Yesterday I put the remainder of the amount owed to Commit Ministries in the mail and most of it was my savings account. I would gladly do it again if it meant living with those that need compassion and empathy in their time of need. If my battle with grief can connect with someone thousands of miles away in order to bring Flavor into the world…to be the salt of the earth to those who may not even know there is hope.

Than Screw it..you only live once and its way shorter than we think!

I’ve been glazing over the reality of my situation…most of what I have done over the last year has been from my savings account that Andy left me. Each day I watch it shrink but then I remember Billah and countless others that makes each penny that vanishes worth it. We aren’t supposed to boast of what we do…right….but this blog is about transparency and I need HELP from each of you to keep serving those that I know we all care about but don’t have the freedom to leave their jobs and families to do. I am an imperfect widow, a sinner like everyone else…but I have been blessed with no physical commitments to one place through an undesirable loss.. but help me turn that death of an old life into ‘dying daily’ for someone else…send me where others can’t go!

I will put my little Donate button here for Convenience and Impulse button pushing. But I understand if your skeptical of my motives or perhaps if I am a real person on the internet…or perhaps money is tight. I’ll give an alternative…Consider Praying for funding and an abundance of support, even if you may not believe in God or all this mumbo jumbo (hell I used to think it was a waste of time when everything just kept going wrong)…But just for one second consider the idea that we are all connected and loved by an invisible friend that truly wants us to Prosper and not be Harmed, that love is real, and that for some reason that empty feeling each day is an opportunity to hear that still small voice say, “You are Not Alone”..

Donate Button with Credit CardsHealing Eyes is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization based in Western Michigan. If you would like to partner with Healing Eyes on a one time or monthly basis, please make your checks payable to Healing Eyes, Inc. and mail them to 4160 Blue Heron DR SE, Apt 302, Kentwood, MI 49512. All donations are tax deductible and a statement will be mailed to you for your records. Thank you.

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And they keep coming in..and the attacks on my spirit grow

It would be great to hear from my readers and perhaps get some prayer warriors going for encouragement to keep going with this Africa Crazy Adventure. Some ask how do I keep doing this? What keeps you going? Why do you do it? Your one crazy strong woman!


I don’t know how I keep doing this..pure faith mixed with insanity…
Perhaps it’s those faces in pain that keeps me going..
I do it because it makes sense..
and no I really am not that strong…

What I do know is I just got some additional support from a friend and I am feeling a bit better after my rough morning of self-doubt and worry. So now drum rolllllllll…..I’m at $3,425! BooYaa!!!

Anyone want to help keep the momentum going and push it to the
$4,000 marker before the end of the day? 🙂

Donate Button with Credit Cards

or send check to
4160 Blue Heron Dr, Apt 302, Kentwood, MI 49512
and I’ll send a tax receipt for your year end filing.
Healing Eyes is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization

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Getting closer to fully funded for Mission Trip to Kenya

Please help me reach my goal of $5,000 before I leave for Africa in May. Every little bit can make a difference no matter how small it seems. Only need $1875 to complete the goal, yay! Thank you to those who have helped reach over half of the money raised.

As a 501c(3) Non Profit organization any amount can be a tax deduction for next year’s taxes!

Donate to Healing Eyes, Inc. Ministries online via PayPal with either a one-time donation, or a recurring monthly Donate Button with Credit Cardsdonation by clicking on the “Donate” button to the right!
If you don’t have a PayPal Account Don’t Worry it’s not required look to the bottom left side after clicking the Donate button, where it says “Don’t have a PayPal Account”.

Prayer is also a Big Ways to Support Healing Eyes!

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