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Cold calling for a mission

Exhaustion from doing what God told me to do this morning.. and my body has decided to dislike me because of it. However, I feel more energized about my mission than I was when I first woke up. I had to cold call churches today, and anyone that knows me may know I hate talking on the phone and I also am an introvert. Put those two things together and it just doesn’t feel the best. Yet now it seems as much as I avoided churches in the past and hated going I am actually seeking out Churches! This is so messed up and not me. Why me God? I guess he likes a broken project to work on…and that is me!

So I called in total.. drum rolll….12 Churches!


And I talked to some very nice receptionists…who may I add have a very important role at a church. They never know what kind of person will call and what to expect…yet they get to be the FIRST connection to a body of people serving God. I think they need a huge Thank You for humoring a nervous and stuttering random caller today:)

Tomorrow it starts all over again…but maybe I’ll be a little more polished and smart sounding ha!

Stay tuned for when I announce an upcoming gathering to hear about Healing Eyes VisionCast for the future. Sounds cool right?! Well It should…Cuz it is! Looking like first of April…so I hope to see old and new faces there. I will have the best cheese and crackers you can imagine:)

Healing Eyes

Birds DO want to do my dirty laundry!

I’m NOT giving up Universe!

I have a simple and humble list of things I want and I Believe it’s all possible!

Picture this…

Crackers and cheeze (yes cheeze and not cheese), some lemonade and maybe Fruit Bowls. OH and some squishy couches for comfort and coziness. Free African Necklaces for the first 5 people through the door (Yes Men you too could have a necklace). Chairs, tables and a projector to share the Vision of the Future.

Sound Impressive right?! OH ya! It’s quite brilliant and highly creative!

Sprinkle in some people curious as to what I’m talking about and add some hearts open to listen to the Universe.

I am not going to wish for birds though…that has happened before. Really! It has! One day a week ago I was joking about my life being like Disney and birds doing my laundry and singing songs in the morning with me. I was sharing with my brother how nice it is to hear birds sing again and in winter! Then what happens?! The next morning, I kid you not, a bird woke me up in my apartment and decided to sing to me. I wasn’t too thrilled by this joke from the Universe but I guess you have to be careful what you Envision…it might come true. I didn’t really envision the part where I was crawling on the floor with a robe over my head screaming for the bird to leave and trying any door to influence it’s decision. Sometimes things don’t always work out as dreamed but I guess the power of suggestion is stronger than previously thought.

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It can just be that ONE!

Some nights are worse than others for everyone put there. Either living in poverty or living in moderation or even luxury. 

Last night was hard…sparks ignited memories long past and grief took hold strongly in the night. My husband is dead … But today the sun rose again and so I must!

It’s very very hard raising support by myself but I keep forgetting it’s not me but God that’s running the show. I will keep being the persistent widow and doors will open. 

It would be great to have another little gathering of people to share what adventure lays ahead in Africa. Looking for a venue and ears to listen. It only takes 12 people to make a gathering right? So let’s find those 12!!!:)

Healing eyes is reaching out to radio stations..church’s..families..and that ONE person wanting to partner with us in the great ambition to bring love and compassion to a world full of hope. There will always be sick and poor…there will always be suffering..and there will always be that ONE. 

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To Help or not to Help?!

When we are all connected by a common goal of sharing the spirit of giving…while also being cautious when sometimes just fixing one thing can cause a dependency. It seems, life even when those with the least are calling out for help, there is a Balancing Act that must be considered. At the same time perhaps helping can show the need the world needs to those that can’t imagine not having Water. Either way you try to look at it and justify to Give or Not To Give I chose to just chuck it all and help pay for the broken Water Pump in a village outside of Kampala.

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Healing Eyes, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

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All I need is this toothbrush 

I am blessed!

I have God who is showing me my path..holding my hand…

I have a boyfriend that loves me for who I am…and for all my faults. 

I have groceries too cook a REAL meal on my own stove again … Lasagna…tuna casserole…penne Andy and Sarah recipe.

And I have a new shiny toothbrush! That didn’t cost a fortune on an island. 

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Island coincidences or a clear direction for next steps?

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 2.17.15 PM

Sitting on my couch (yes I have a couch!) and playing my ukulele…waiting on God…waiting on what’s next…stressing…

The usual sort of morning for me!

Check my email and see a link to short term missions and after looking at job postings for graphic designers and feeling this icky feeling in my stomach about NOT wanting to be a graphic designer anymore. A feeling of hopelessness creeped in and fear of what am I supposed to do NOW that I am in Michigan working on my Non-Profit. So I gave up the job search surfing and flipped to looking at orphanages and trips to Africa…needs out there for tutors and willing hearts to serve. Looked at Southern and Eastern Africa…found one in Kenya. Never really wanted to go to Kenya but it is close to Uganda where little Billah is living by that beautiful waterfall. It read “Tutors Needed in Kenya to Assist Primary and Secondary School–May 19-June 30, 2015”. Ok maybe that’s something I can inquire about…it has Tutor in it and its longer than a couple weeks stay abroad. No sooner do I click ‘more information’ do I get a phone call from California. I almost didn’t pick it up because first of all I don’t like talking on the phone and secondly it was a weird number. But I answered it anyways. It was the guy needing a tutor in Kenya! So that was fricken fast!

Let’s list the coincidences in this phone call for prosperity sake:

  1. He lived on an island before
  2. He wasn’t a ‘missionary’ type person
  3. Same beliefs and values on what it means to follow God.
  4. Understood me when I said it’s about ‘Human Touch’ and ‘Relationships’ in Africa. That the lack of eye contact when young can lead to lack of empathy and also the pure understanding of compassion for life. Children need love pure and simple..they need touch…they need eye contact…and they need to know they are loved by God and some crazy White person (mzungoo) too.
  5. Lastly…the school is pretty close to Uganda where little Billah lives and maybe I could see her again in the mountains.
  6. Oh and…another connection with a Non-Profit in Africa which is what Healing Eyes needs.
  7. Ha one more..I needed to tighten up my business plan for area churches in order to raise money. So perhaps God is filling in the blanks for me.

Pray for direction.. Pray for Peace…and pray that this is the right choice for me and Healing Eyes to go with next. Tutoring in Kenya for 6 weeks with Commit Ministries.

Healing Eyes

One child at a time even miles away is possible…

From money raised at the first fundraiser for Healing Eyes I am happy to share we are sponsoring our first child’s education in Uganda. It isn’t much and may seem small but it only takes One to make a difference and start change. So for the next 12 months Healing Eyes will be able to sponsor One child…and who knows maybe the future will bring more needs to our eyes.

Praying for even more abundance and opportunities to open up for Ivan (pictured below) as he starts 5th grade.

Ivan O

Healing Eyes

Darkness in the closet

Laying curled up in my closet I realized that families in Africa Live in this size of a shack!!! My closet is more comfortable than some of there homes. That’s just wrong!!! Why should I ever feel sad about my circumstances ?!? I can at least get up and make change.
That’s what healing eyes needs and wants to do ! One small closet at a time…one home..one family at a time.

It’s time we all step out of our comforts and see the pain thru these children’s eyes and there huge smiles when someone SEES them.

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Now what do I do … Island to Deep freeze

There is doubt in decisions made by anyone. It is natural to do One thing and then Doubt it was the correct one. Maybe life is made up of those decisions and doubts but maybe there is always that lingering One true truth. That one thing that as much as we want it to not be the right decision because of the outright impossibility of it actually coming true. So we put up stable walls and security around us to live each day safely but at the same time limit ourselves from living largely. How can we live abundantly but also safely? It’s not possible because no matter what fate can tear those walls down and leave you far from safe and far from a feeling of stability.

What can I do? I am building up some security and stability in order to be in a place that can hopefully raise funds to do what Healing Eyes wants to do in Africa. At the same time it’s going to be a temptation to stay where its clean, safe, convenient, and you can have electricity 24 hours a day with a simple flip of the switch. When the power goes out here you know it will come back on soon but in other areas of the world it can be days.

This blog has been a journey from a personal story to adopt domestically…to cancer…to missionary..and now it’s Healing Eyes. A Non-Profit raising money to bring compassion and empathy back to the children of Africa, to help neglected and impoverished children by not just helping but building relationships and teaching what love is by DOING it. How can I keep sight on that while living in a place completely opposite to the living conditions there? How can I share with others what it’s like there to gain supporters to join? I guess I can’t. But maybe my invisible friend has some sneaky plan to show me how small I really am in this plan.

Rough plan for the next 6 months:

  • Raise money to fund another trip to Africa.
  • Build up the compassion and relationship fund.
  • Meet with the new CPA.
  • Sponsor education for a handful of kids in Africa.
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Void where there was pain

8 days ago I flew back to St Croix. … Now today I fly again .. Back to the cold tundra of the Midwest and begin the journey to return to Africa.

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