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The girl in the golden dress

A little girl dressed in gold snuggled up to me without me knowing. She giggled at her sneakiness.

A beautiful widow married 34 years shared her story with me. One of the few who spoke English. My new prayer friend who encouraged me to live.

The kids surrounded me after walking off the bus. Yelling Mazungoo Mazungoo! (White person)


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Children suffering from cancer in Uganda

The children suffering from cancer received clothes donated from the children in st Croix. I’ve never seen kids enjoy clothes so much. The beautiful dresses were a big hit and the dress pants were also with the boys.

The ukulele was a great way to connect with the boys and have them a distraction from feeling sick from the chemo treatments. Made me remember how exhausted Andy was from chemotherapy and I just wish I had learned the ukulele while he was alive.



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Healing Eyes

Africa medical clinic


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Healing Eyes

Exhausted in Africa


I apologize .. I radhi (in Swahili)… But I’m exhausted in Africa!

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Arriving in London

As I arrived to the London Airport I looked at the night sky and all the lights shining. I remembered a year ago when I was last here. When Andy was in the hospital awaiting test results.
A liquid river sliced through the ground. My heart felt a great sadness of realization.
I can’t change my past and I can’t feel joy like I used to.
The innocent jitters of excitement in the stomach in anticipation of a new adventure. New sites.
It’s all been robbed of me.
In one moment a year ago I was robbed of joy.
I said goodbye to my husband long before his body failed.

I said goodbye to his body when his spirit was frail.
He looked at me with eyes so dim.
He looked at me with love and defeat.
I feel no joy in this adventure I am on…Andy took that with him to the grave.

I am here to serve for whatever that is worth. ..
I am here to see for whatever that is worth…
My heart is not here today…I lost it a year ago when the lights went out .. that snowy dark night.

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Will Africa expose something?

Soon I will be getting on a plane again and this time traveling to a country beyond my experiences so far. It has been on my list of places to discover and now I’ll be serving there for 2 and half weeks alongside another Non-Profit.

It has been a hard two weeks with the holidays and facing memories left dormant from when he passed away. Each time I pull at the wound and discover new things about myself. Now I leave again and without a clear direction or what to expect. My internet connection will be limited and so blog posts may decrease but rest assured when I get back I am sure something will be different in me again. What I do with that is a huge unknown but at least I would have listened to a dream in me. A dream to travel and explore, to see how others live, and how others cope. This world is vast and not everyone lives the so called ‘comfortable’ life. Can I survive in such an environment? Only one way to find out….and that is to Go!

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Your Constant Companion

Healing Eyes

What does it all mean?

What is Healing Eyes Plan now that it has more real ties to being a Non-Profit?

Well My time at St. Croix is not over, even though I am heading to Africa for a short mission trip. In february I will return and continue volunteering at Lighthouse Missions until the School year is over in June. So that is 5 more months in the field serving children. Which means money raised will help support rent and fun outings and crafts for the girls I mentor. With the company now having real obligations that are in paper it is apparently more real this all becomes.

With change comes more paperwork it seems. I am beginning to see why people don’t really chose to go this route in a career. Now I am faced with overwhelming IRS paperwork of payroll and then having the Board approve a meager salary for me to keep serving others. What makes it hard to seem conceivable is right now I have no funds in the official company account to even imagine asking for a salary to keep me afloat. How can I plan for and ask for something that isn’t there and seems impossible? Even if I throw a budget out of $400/mo rent payment and then triple it so that the remainder of the funds go to encouraging the kids. Just like my mission statement says, “Help the impoverished and neglected children in at risk communities…”.

So the funds need to go to help the kids but also help me help them. How do I even do the paperwork for that with the IRS?

This blog might seem a bit whiney today…and confusing..perhaps it can show my fear. MY PURE FEAR of the unknown!

Yes I need to raise funds and I’m guessing $2000 for rent and then triple it for a grand total of $6000 in order to be on the right track with the IRS. Maybe I am worrying for nothing…if I ever find a CPA to give me advice or if the pattern of what normally happens continues. Where I sit back and then God takes care of it..but that can only work so far! I magically got medicaid for health insurance but I can’t just magically get a CPA that is free or magically get a salary from an Empty bank account.

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Delicate Flower in need of Watering

I’m not gonna lie..I’m feeling stupid, a bit silly, and entirely vulnerable.


I got a ‘grief’ booklet from the funeral home I used for Andy’s funeral one year ago in the mail. I proceeded to read it and each item in it was true to where I am right now. Except the part where I went off and started a Non-Profit and tossed being safe out the window. Although maybe that was one of the symptoms of grief in the booklet..come to think of it. So perhaps I am not that ‘abnormal’.

After a hurricane what do you do?

Pick up the pieces!

Help bring some sanity to this delicate little widow (cough cough dear friend who called me a ‘delicate flower’ in need of help) who went out on a limb and started a Non-Profit to help other people. Yes I am in the business to make NO profit and at the same time SERVE others in pain. Yup…it still sounds insane when I say it outloud.

If anything you can get a tax write off before 2014 is over?!
That has to be worth something:) !

Donate Button with Credit Cards

A 501c(3) Non-Profit. Receipts will be mailed to you for tax write-offs.

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DAY 362 (2014)

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