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Another Faith Step

With every step forward we take a step back but if we never took a step we would never know what could happen. So today I have purchased a sewing machine to use for a tailoring project. It will start very small but could be the beginning of something to encourage widows who have so little.

This week I have been accused of not caring about orphans and widows, I can’t lie, it has hurt me greatly. How can I recover from such hurtful words and the use of bible verses against me? I guess it’s just going to be through pure determination to not give up and try another door that has opened up to me. Of course it was a door I hesitated to open last year but better late than never I say:)

Now I took a bit of a leap in faith because I only raised $90 to cover the sewing machine and I am short $90 still. Plus I haven’t really found a way to pay a teacher the monthly stipend yet. But I think God will work that detail out for me like he always does.

So the plan is start with 1 machine and then find maybe 3-5 widows in need and begin teaching tailoring as a income generating trade for widows. This can work!

Please pray for us to raise the money needed, our budget will be about $600 to run for 6 months plus the remaining $90 to pay off the sewing machine. Pass this on to anyone that would want to finance the project. All donations are tax deductible too.

One Time Donation

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Donation Total: $125

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Change come Slow but it Does Happen

Today I met with a consultant at a firm here in Michigan that helps non-profits write their story and raise funds. It was a great discussion and reminded me that I need to share with all of you more of our Successes.  It’s easy that we start to get overwhelmed by the impossible and think nothing ever happens for the better and what is all that money really accomplishing on a culture that just won’t budge. We always hear about Africa this and that and the evil that happens and the cheating and stealing, just seems downright hopeless.  Let me tell you it actually is Not hopeless and this is why.


Our boy Martin came to us with eyelids that dropped too low and was causing him to bend his head back to see the chalkboard. He had grown up with this condition and his grades were failing, other kids mocked him, and he felt hopeless. Now today in the picture with the red shirt Martin is standing straight, he can see, his tears are gone, and he has hope at boarding school.

Sponsored kids in Boarding School:

Meet the children whom you have changed the course of their lives through partnering monthly with Healing Eyes. Billah, William, Emma, Charles, James, Martin, Margaret, Rose, Simon, Brian, Samson. Each child here now has the opportunity to learn and break free from poverty because they are learning skills for their tomorrow. These children have Hope again because of your partnership. To think we started with just one little girl named Billah 2 years ago:)

boarderscovent boardersagu boardersnabu

The community has started to build a fence:

On 4 acres of land in Uganda, just last week, we mobilized Ugandans in the village to plant seedlings as an inexpensive fence. We researched a steel fence  and realized the cost was too high and God showed us a creative way around the problem that was cheaper. What a blessing it is to see kids smile while doing good in their community. Perhaps it is through these small efforts that the adults in the village can see how hard work, honesty, and love can improve their lives through Christ. We can’t change a culture, and we don’t want to, because God made each of us unique for a reason but He did ask us to be compassionate and loving for our neighbors. This is where you have the opportunity help change a village to see compassion in action by helping Healing Eyes continue it’s mission in Uganda through partnership on projects like these.

planting4  planting2 plantin1

Last but not least, The PIGS!

We can’t forget our oinky little friends that have shown us success in the small projects. Two pigs purchased last year by a family in Michigan have now given birth to 2 litters of pigs. Even more encouraging is the man behind taking care of the pigs who is now sharing ideas with us on how to improve the project and keep it sustainable. Sadly one of our adult pigs died last week due to pneumonia but we still see the fruits of our labor in Uganda. One man understands the future outlook more than the immediate gain of money. Bam! That kind of knowledge is earned and not given through money. Thank You God for speaking to the hearts of the broken and inspiring change to take root. We hope to help sponsor the man’s education to finish his business degree, he had to put it on hold due to lack of money, if we can help him finish his education than he can help his community think differently with business.


So where does this leave us for tomorrow? Persevering in a difficult land filled with deceit, theives, murder, hoplessness, and despair. However, we know we have all of you joining us in this journey and God’s love to direct us. Partner with us today in one of our many ministry needs by monthly giving, we promise to be honest and straightforward on where your money goes and share in the hard times we face while serving in Africa. As some of you know many will try to steal from us and the devil is already trying to make everything fall apart but we know that it’s the journey the produces the best results and it will not be a boring journey.  Our needs are simple

Give $35 a month to sponsor a childGive $35 a month to cover monthly expensesBuy us a sewing machine for $185 to start a tailoring programBuy a bag of cement for $7 to build our schoolSponsor a teacher for $100 a month.

Ministry Support

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Donation Total: $35 Monthly

Partner in Confidence: Safe and Secure.. Your personal information is encrypted and transmitted without risk using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization making your donations tax deductible (receipts mailed at the end of each tax year)

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Why Should We Care?

Has Anyone ever wondered why should we care about others in Africa? It just seems like they always are needing support and always looking for handouts… why don’t they do something for themselves?

Yes I can see that side of it but here at Healing Eyes we are always encouraging and thinking of ways to have a community involved on both sides of the world. It takes a team of people working to make all of this happen. It takes donors giving of their finances and it takes those on the receiving end to put some volunteer and backbone into the project. It’s so fun to see it when both sides work together.

In Kampala right now is our friend Kaleb researching prices of materials to build the school. While in Tororo we have our other friend, Eddy, putting his heart into helping the village he grew up in by providing quotes on cement and transport. It’s so cool to see how God places people and resources in your hands when you need it to fulfill His plan.

We have enough money to buy 165 bags of cement so we are more than half way to 300 bags! Yay! You can buy a bag of cement for only $7 today and help on this side of the world.


Healing Eyes

Four boys with hope

Four boys stuck in the middle of a difficult life.

James was born with a short leg and deformed foot. Charles was born completely deaf. Emma has hearing loss. Little Martin born with an eye impairment.

Through help from partners we have been able to show them the love they deserve and started them off on a journey of hope. These boys are now attending a local boarding school that is trained to handle these various disabilities. It’s exciting to build something that can change lives thousands of miles away from snowy michigan.

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Un-harden our hearts

This is what the Lord says to the people of Judah and to Jerusalem: “Break up your unplowed ground and do not sow among thorns” – Jeremia 4:3
Jeremia told the people to break up the hardness of their hearts as a plow breaks up unplowed ground – soil that has not been tilled for a season. Good kings like Josiah had tried to turn the people back to God, but the people had continued to worship their idols in secret. Their hearts had become hardened to God’s will. Unless their hearts were broken and cleaned up, the good seed of God’s commands could not take root. Old habits and hidden sins had to be uprooted and rejected. Likewise we must remove our heart-hardening sin if we expect God’s Word to take root and grow in our life.”
It’s not easy when we come across real life situations of this bible verse. The hearts have become very hardened at Buweboya and at times causes extra worry on our part. But I have hope in God because He knows it exists and is working to pull those thorns out and create a fertile land to be used for His Glory. It will take time but slowly after much digging we will break through and create a place for orphans and widows to feel safe, nurtured, loved, and informed so they can go forth and tell generations to come on how Jesus saved their village.
We know that right now we are impacting lives and that people are watching our actions and words very closely. It is through our actions that will show God’s love and turn hearts back towards him.
Healing Eyes continues to…
Show compassion to orphans and widowsChild Sponsorship in nearby boarding schoolsFundraising to build 2-4 classrooms in Uganda for elementary age childrenSelf Sustainable pig farm adventure
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Building a future for the broken hearted

The future generations will build up the community and through our works today the fruits of our labor will be seen. Today we can’t see the benefits of our struggle in the village and tomorrow it might be a little clearer but it’s the change that comes from the children that we hope the most impact will be realized.

So many difficult phone calls this week with Africa and the challenges we face. It’s as if everything is against breaking through the barriers of lying, stealing, pride, carelessness, and exhaustion. The hurdles we face this year are coming in the forms of pride of men in the village who can’t see past their own selfishness to be recognized. The vast piles of paperwork needed to become a NGO in Africa. The uneasy feeling of not knowing where money will come from to build the classrooms needed. In the middle of all this are the children that just want to go to school today and eat lunch. So easy to forget the simple fact that the orphaned need a place to study other than under a mango tree. We must get these children out from under the trees and into a clean and ‘real to the touch’ classroom made from cement and steel.

To do this we need support from individuals, businesses, churches, mysterious strangers who can give $7 for a bag of cement to reach our goal of $2,100. Slowly we can eat away at the materials needed and then by this fall, We Pray, build classrooms.

Right now we have kids in boarding schools in other towns but this can’t be long term because the widows and families want to visit their children but can’t afford the transport. In time we will have classrooms so all the children can stay in the village to learn and be loved. It’s a slow process full of so may twists and turns it’s almost like a soap opera with the amount of drama that materializes.

The cost of a cement bag is the equivalent of giving up 2 cups of Starbucks coffee or a lunch at a fast food restaurant. Wouldn’t it be great to see that $7 go to something that lasts longer and impacts hundreds of children who have no chance without you.

Buy a Cement Bag

$2,051 of $2,100 raised
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Donation Total: $7

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Prayers do get answered

Why do I even bother with worrying about money. At times it ‘feel’s impossible and ‘feels’ like no one hears my pleads for help. But then when I least expect it God places an envelope in my mailbox and $500 appears from an anonymous donor!


That’s $869 raised of the $2,100 for the 300 bags of cement. All it took was praying in the bathroom for a blessing today and help finding money for cement, God Answered my Prayer in a blink!

$2,051 of $2,100 raised
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Donation Total: $7

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Progress after 2 years

It’s pretty cool when you wake up knowing you have a stack of money to deposit at the bank from random people giving to a cause thousands of miles away from everything they are familiar with. Putting trust in a God that the money will be used for his plan and that Healing Eyes will fulfill that promise. After 2 years of running this non-profit from only 1 supporter who gave $50 a month to where we are now it’s quite astounding. As we grow our expenses grow and as we grow more kids show up and as we grow the impossible seems more possible.

Sometimes I make the mistake of sharing how I want to give up while in Africa. I smack myself over the head each time I say that because perhaps that shows weakness on my part. But haven’t we all felt like giving up on things when it gets hard or when everyone is against the idea? Change is hard and even harder when you don’t see the entire plan or the money to make it happen. Maybe my honesty of sharing my doubts can be used to show God’s confidence in this plan and that what he sets out to do he will finish. When I show weakness, fear, and doubt don’t lose heart in Healing Eyes but turn to praying for God to strengthen Healing Eyes to make it past each speed bump along the way. When I got back in May there will be more moments of despair and full on attacks to my spirit as well as success of the project. It happens every time! Somehow something fails or goes astray because of the nature of the village I go to. This is a village where survival is goal and at any means possible. It’s almost like the wild west if I had ever experienced that. Outlaws run free, stealing is acceptable, lying comes so naturally off their lips that they don’t even know they are doing it at times. What better place to show God’s love to, right?!

WE have a few goals this year and some impossible objectives that you can help us with.

  1. Raise $2,100 to buy 300 bags of cement by May 14, we are 18% there!  Donate here
  2. Buy a brick making machine to save on overall costs. Want to buy us a Brick Machine for only $450?
  3. Start building 2-4 classrooms by the Fall of 2017
  4. Keep a qualified head teacher in the village (we have run out of money to finance past May to keep a teacher)
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Philbert and Bonnie are parents

Last year we started a little project with 2 pigs in hopes that some day we would have piglets. As with anything it takes time to see results and this little pet project has been fun from the start.

healingeyes.org has new additions to the family, 5 baby piglets. This project is starting small but has big opportunities ahead. We are in search of a donor to help feed our new pigs and the adults to keep the project going until we can fatten and sell the piglets. A gift of $100 will keep our project going for 1 month.

Healing Eyes

You are going to fail often

I want to try even though I might fail.. I’ll keep on making those new mistakes as we continually hit walls, get hurt feelings, fail, get up, then fail again, get lied to, cheated, taken advantage of…and then keep on trying.

Anyone that wants to help the world and start a non-profit? I said it before but I’ll say it again, don’t do it! Its a headache, it has minimal gratification, you sacrifice more than you think, and no one will ever ever ever see how much work goes on behind the scenes to keep it going. No one will see the numerous times you get your feelings hurt by those you are trying to help. No one will understand the helpless feelings of not doing enough each time you try and try and try to make a difference. At every step you will think of stopping and throwing in the towel. The odds WILL BE and ARE against success and you will face adversity with every little change you go after. You will travel A LOT and not in first class luxury but tiny coach seats with crying babies…and you will get sick and exhausted emotionally from the drain on your life.

So why do it?!

Where is the pay out?! 

Where is the comfortable mansion at the end of the day and money in your pocket?

It won’t be there….but….through the suffering and sweat that goes into a journey of faith the rewards will be many in heaven. You can’t see it now of course so again why even try? I guess it’s pure determination, faith in the God,  and passion that drives me to keep on going and TRY EVERYTHING (like the song from Zootopia)!

We are starting the investigation of becoming a NGO in Uganda. I read a blog that said, don’t do it! Ha and so what am I doing? I am going to try and do it anyways!  By the end I’ll be a shell of a person i’m sure and near hysterical breakdown emotionally but it will create more sustainability in the project long term and benefit Healing Eyes. Plus i’ll be even more broke financially than I am now so of course it makes sense to do it…I mean if God wants it than it’s going to happen either way.

Not to be too overwhelmed but hey let’s also continue raising funds to build 2 classrooms! Need I say more on how difficult of an endeavor that will be?  When it says in the bible you will go through suffering and trials while on this earth that was not at all a lie but completely true. The estimates are coming in and it seems its about $25,000 to build 4 classrooms but that doesn’t include a borehole for water and the fence we need.

What’s inspiring to me is when I hear from a stranger they have been following my story since Andy died from cancer. That right there makes it worth it to keep trying because if someone maintains interest from the early beginnings of this journey than how AWESOME would it be to show what faith can do and let God build this dream. Not just ifs and maybes and could be’s but a real tangible school that someday a donor can touch with their very own hands. Knowing just how small Healing Eyes started from when I didn’t even believe in a God before God flipped my life upside down and started this mission.

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