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Back to hospital

Never think you have your week planned out.
Don’t start a roast and plan a nice dinner (that rarely happens) because most likely you’ll end up in the hospital. Another Sure fire way of being admitted to hospital is when you try and move on and think a good ct scan means your ok.

Andy is in for observation. This time at the hospital I don’t like grrrr. If only it was st Mary’s! That hospital seems to have more cancer patients and for some reason feels more like home.
Of course no matter what hospital the nurses always ask If you have fricken kids. For some reason this nurse thinks because andy has red hair that you must ask if we have kids. No logic there.

Hopefully they can figure out his nausea and release him sooner than later. I do like the break from taking care of andy though. Going to be a lonely night at home…

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So true… I couldn’t have said it better myself. Reminds me of a few special people that stepped up during our cancer journey. People can amaze you with kindness and support when all is dark.

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I don’t know what’s worse..

Waiting for good news or bad.

A year ago we didn’t have to wait, the bad news just blind sighted us out of no where.  A blessing in a way because we couldn’t get worked up about what the bad was that came. This time we have had ample time to imagine the worse, dream up the best, and hypothesize over ‘what ifs’.

I prefer surprises over planned surprises. Shortly we will be back at the hospital getting a CT scan that may or may not tell us anything. Either way, whatever results come back this week will drag.

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falling … no end in sight

It only takes a week to be set all the way back to zero again. You can be moving along thinking things are getting better and then it just takes a second and it all starts again. Every memory, moment, feeling, fear, all rush back. We are less than 3 days away from the dreaded and anticipated CT Scan. Three months of waiting, wondering, dreading… what will show up this time. What is next? It must be the anticipation that is causing Andy to be so sick this week. Every night he’s sick, can’t eat, can’t keep food down. People don’t like to talk about things when they go bad. Pain hurts everyone, which must be why its a topic better left unspoken. People ask you, ‘How’s it going’? but they don’t really want to hear the truth. Sometimes its easier to just smile and nod with the standard ‘Ok’ response.

Less than 3 days away…

The familiar drive to the hospital…the cold entrance doors…the blank stares and fake smiles from the reception desk..that awful smell of cleaning supplies and sickness..the flickering fluorescent lights. Others sitting and waiting, all for various reasons, who knows if that person has cancer or just broke a leg.

Less than 3 days away… means nothing really, cancer or no cancer we still have no stomach. Try to comprehend what that means!!!!! You can’t eat your favorite meals, you can’t find comfort in food, eating hurts, socializing to eat isn’t enjoyable, its never the same again.  I have a stomach so I don’t really know what it’s like, its not fair for me to explain. But really! That stomach really is a necessity, you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone.  When doctors say, ” you can live without a stomach”, look at them and say, “really? You try it!”  Almost a year ago when this all started we had no idea how far down we would fall, I think even now we haven’t fallen to the bottom yet. .. it’s a test to see how subterranean we can go.

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Why cancer doesn’t stop ruining your life after removal

When cancer is first found it will change everything, I mean everything in your life. It doesn’t matter what stage or what kind because it doesn’t discriminate. As it secretly burrowed it’s way into your blood stream it will continue to eak it’s way into every single minute of the day. If this sounds sad, complainy, whiney, or morbid than stop reading. If you came to this blog to find fuzzy rainbows of hope and half truths than go no farther. I only speak what’s real and share the hard parts of cancer that most can’t swallow.

It’s been almost 12 months since Andy was diagnosed. It’s been 8 months since the major surgery. It’s been 4 months since the last rounds of chemo.
His last ct scan in April showed pulmonary embolism which resulted in a hospital stay.

The impending follow up ct scan is now quickly approaching. Since people think the months between ct scans are a break. A reprieve from cancer. Time to catch your breathe. Each scan and year that passes are supposed to be milestones. None of that is true.. Like I said, cancer is always there and never far from your thoughts and fears.

I desperately hope the scans show nothing and we can wake up from this nightmare. The day after the scans we will feel no different, no magical weight will lift from our hearts. It will just be another passing trial of our patience and strength of love for each other.
I still will go to bed each night and see the wear and tear on Andy’s body. The exhaustion in his eyes as he fights to stay strong. With each day he gets stronger then next day could knock him down again. It’s the ebb and flow of cancer.
We hate cancer. We hate what it has done to our life. We hate how it never goes away.
I do not hate how strong we are, or that no matter the outcomes our love will always win.
Cancer is many things.. It takes so very much away.. But it can’t take away the one thing precious, the only thing that reacts the opposite to cancers vile poison. Cancer strengthens love.. It reveals what love is.

It is the hardest thing to watch your love suffer during and after cancer and all the times in between.

Powerless to help.. While begging for peace.

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Something I Can Use

Something I Can Use.

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Why cancer can just suck it

I hate cancer. Pure and simple. I hate that it chose us, I hate that it lingers on, I hate that now I have to be aware of cancer events and participate, I hate the knew vocabulary I’ve learned from being a caregiver, I hate hospitals, I hate being around sick people, i hate drugs, I hate going to a hospital and being reminded of what others are going thru, i just hate cancer.

I think I’ve earned the right to be blunt. Others with cancer have earned the right to be pissed. If you know what it’s like to have each of your days be a reminder of what was lost and gained than you have all the right in the world to be angry or glad or grateful.

There are things in our life right now, moments and experiences, that may never have happened if andy didn’t get the cancer. Would I like to erase all of that just to have a cancer free life? Yes!! Yes times a thousand I would go back to living a life worrying about other things, and not living this one where its never far from my mind of what cancer is next. Is there a day ahead where we have to do treatments again? To be on edge about diagnosis and quality of life?
Andy’s cancer is just a small blip on the war against cancer, if it hadn’t happened I wonder what lives wouldn’t have been touched by his journey. If we weren’t at the support groups sharing our story would it have mattered.

But you can’t ever turn back time…live each day and find those happy times…worry less of what you can’t prevent.

It seems that medicine has partial cures, partial answers, and no firm yes’s. If only someone out there can discover a magic potion that annihilates cancer in the blood. Prevents spread…and gives closure to those in remittance. Survivors deserve more! Andy deserves more.

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My Butt Screams

If andy can beat Cancer than I can do a measly 80 miles for Cancer.

After a long 7 hours on the bike, half of which was in a deluge of rain, I was tired and in lots pain. It’s my way of putting my strength to the test since Andy has the strongest guy I know. His months of treatments and huge surgery just show how amazing he is to have survived and still smile:)

At about mile 70 my legs were screaming, my butt was in agony, and my mind was playing tricks on me. Cancer sucks but it wasn’t going to rob me of this small victory today!

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“When you are a…

“When you are absolutely clear about your intention, the universe will rise up to meet you” – Unknown Author

A co-worker shared this with me today..

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One Week away!!

I’m going out and cycling for a real cause finally and not just because I’m crazy to ride long distance on an uncomfortable seat in hot weather.

Cancer SUCKS!!!!! If you agree with this than help me raise money for Cancer Research by donating anything, even just a dollar:)


I am cycling 80 miles (and I haven’t been training because of being sick and family emergencies yikes, should be interesting test of endurance). It’s part of the MSU Gran Fondo Event for Skin Cancer Research. I know it’s not Gastric Cancer but really all cancers are related and one break thru can help another.

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