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Small room

We are now at lacks cancer center. Fourth floor room 22.
He has sat up..walked to the door and back and is resting now.

If anyone wants to send flowers or balloons that’s ok. I think someone tried yesterday but we never saw them so I hope they didn’t get lost in transit.

Andy isn’t allowed to drink or eat anything still and it will be a bit before he can so I try to not eat in front of him.

Thanks for continuing to think of us and pray for a steady recovery (speedy isn’t what andy needs now, it’s a different world without a stomach and we have to take it slow and peacefully)

Healing Eyes

One small sit

Andy just got out if bed and sat in a chair! That may seem minor but its a big step forward to healing.
Even with a tube jabbed in his ribs, several incisions in his belly, and minus 1 stomach he fought thru the pain and sat in a chair.
Go andy go!!

Another tiring day almost over, still in intensive care, but soon to move to lacks center tmrw I hope.
Although I hope I get a couch there too.

My coworkers gave me a care basket that has lots of goodies..I just need to sneak that food when andy isn’t looking.

Thanks everyone…but Sarah tired now and needs a break before andy realizes I am still here

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Morning arrives.. Finally

 Andy had a hard night. We finally were reunited at 9pm (16 hrs later). He is in icu still at St Mary’s and all day it seems. Having to open the chest is causing incredible pain.. He is still dazed and confused. I got some sleep, I think this couch bed is a nurture product (kinda comfy).. I am now a Steelcase furniture tester lol.

I don’t know when he moves to lacks center. Maybe tmrw. 

Thanks for thinking of us. 

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Insanity and sleep deprivation

The staff is gone now for hrs now.
The lights r flickering…
The cleaning guy is staring at tv…
My butt hurts..
I think the hospital is testing my patience or has forgotten about me.

I called general Info from the waiting room lol… They say Andy is on recovery so that’s something.

How long should I wait before pounding on doors..

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Clear margins

Dr McCahill came out an hour ago and said he was able to cut clear margins!
To those who have no idea what that means…it means he was able to cut far enough to get all the cancer he saw. The lymph nodes are out and will be biopsied and in 5 days we should know more about the stage of cancer.
So what’s next…
Well another 2 hours of surgery with the thoracic surgeon who loves cracking chests open. Yup we fell on the bad side of 50/50 chance of invasive measures. In order to make a secure connection the chest has to be opened so that they can sew the connection up perfectly. Soo that’s good because any leak would be very very bad.

Stomach removal lesson number 1: you must have a leak proof connection.
Lesson number 2: stupid ribs get in the way of making a perfect connection.
Lesson number 3: trust your surgeon and like your surgeons jokes

So 5am we got here and 5:30pm I still sit waiting.


He’s strong and I’m told that I’m strong…so that means its all good

Healing Eyes

Still waiting…

About 8 ours in and still waiting for andy to come out of surgery.

so far the stomach is out, I think, and the esophagus is still being looked at…not sure if chest is being cracked open.

cant be much longer I hope


Healing Eyes

It’s begun

Check in at 5am…getting prepped for the 6 hour surgery.. Starts at 7:30.
Bye cancer we won’t miss you! In fact we hate you cancer.

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Fun distractions

One more day before surgery and we have managed to keep occupied and distracted from thinking about it.
I have begun to master knitting finally (I still say crochet is easier language).
Andy has bought a wii u to pass the time.
And we just finished playing with his brother Big Al and wife Papiya, we shopped far too much. Even stood outside target Thursday in the sprinkles at the back of the line behind the building so that I could get a fuzzy blanket.

Tomorrow will be a lazy Sunday .. Play some video games and knit and eat lots of food before Monday morning surgery.

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We learned today…

They r unsure if tumor shrunk because ct scan doesn’t tell us what is dead and what is alive cells. But the pet scan wasn’t covered by insurance so we didn’t have that scan done. Either way the ct scan does say the tumor didn’t grow or move to other organs. And so we still are removing stomach. Basically we don’t know for sure how helpful chemo was until they take stuff out.

He gets his own room and its on 4th floor of lacks cancer center.
The surgery is about 6 hours long.
Limited visitors on Monday because of how hectic that day will be.
I should be able to bring the dogs to visit him too later in week:)
I learned I can pour Gatorade into his feeding tube and I will be taught how to clean it.

Tiring day and I guess that’s it:)

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Dog discrimination

Today we bit the bullet, swallowed our pride, took a chance, and went to see what Gilda’s club was all about.
It’s a cancer support center in Grand Rapids that has activities, support groups, and free food.
It was a cute old farmhouse not far from our place. Everything is provided thru donations and let me say, what a fancy place it is. Jealous of the cozy couches and little private rooms spread thruought the house.
We sat in a circle and andy got to share his story up to the point before the dreaded surgery yet to come.
All and all it was a good decision to go and I think we will go back. I mean free food is always a plus and being around other people who understand what cancer does to your life is supportive.
We may be young compared to others going there but maybe we can blend in a bit more than we do in the outside world these days.

If only dogs were allowed!

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