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Dog discrimination

Today we bit the bullet, swallowed our pride, took a chance, and went to see what Gilda’s club was all about.
It’s a cancer support center in Grand Rapids that has activities, support groups, and free food.
It was a cute old farmhouse not far from our place. Everything is provided thru donations and let me say, what a fancy place it is. Jealous of the cozy couches and little private rooms spread thruought the house.
We sat in a circle and andy got to share his story up to the point before the dreaded surgery yet to come.
All and all it was a good decision to go and I think we will go back. I mean free food is always a plus and being around other people who understand what cancer does to your life is supportive.
We may be young compared to others going there but maybe we can blend in a bit more than we do in the outside world these days.

If only dogs were allowed!

Healing Eyes

When your bummed

Sometimes you get sad…sometimes you feel sad…sometimes all feel hopeless and yup sad.
Cancer sucks!

How to fix

Step 1: take the pups for a walk in the cold
Step 2: say I love you at least 20 times
Step 3: buy yummy food and say just eat it
Step 4: sing loudly and off tune in the house
Step 5: hug a miko..if not available hug a yoshi…if still not available hug a fuzzy stuffed animal that squeaks
Step 5: go to bed and hope tomorrow is better…or at least tolerable;)
Step 6: optional. Make muffins while singing off tune (andy is the muffin maker, definitely not Sarah)

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Lasagna tummy


Two pieces of lasagna..two garlic breads slices! Holy cow Andy! Thanks anne from work…it was delicious.

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IT Crowd

IT Guys

It was great seeing all the IT Guys and everyone Andy Works with
@Kalamazoo College. Andy can’t wait to get back to work!!
(seriously, he has ants in his pants to get back to work)

Jaakan: yes Indiana Jones is an AWESOME movie!
Peter: your phone is cool too
Blurry guy with glasses: your identity is safe
Cooper: sorry my phone cropped you out

Chemo is over (for now) and andy is Free to do whatever he wants! November 26th is the surgery date at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, anyone is welcome to come say hi while he’s in the hospital or to sneak smoothie mixes into his feeding tube;)

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It’s inconceivable…I don’t think that word means what you think…

A picture is worth a thousand words!
It’s only a holding area for food….some people elect for this surgery. Total gastric bypass surgery.
Mind blowing but it is possible to live a full life after..

The date is set…November 26th 5am arrive.
Now then that just means November is party month! And party we will…any and all food will be eaten..(maybe not squid though, it’s not that great, fact).


Healing Eyes


What’s that? Another small container of jelly bellies squirreled away in the gray car.
Oh Andy…you are a squirrel and I love you.

Dr. Mccahill is great…we are going to stay in Grand Rapids for the surgery, thank god!!!!
No Detroit shoot outs!

We are feeling confident in the surgeon, he has done this before and is super smart:) yes those are doctor technical words.

Our hearts are heavy today from hearing the sad news of no more stomach but at least we feel better about the surgery location and the skilled hands we are putting Andy with.

Healing Eyes

The fuzzy therapy kids


Healing Eyes

dont poop in da pool

Success! we got our nurse Katie to say Poop twice today:)

It’s the little things that keep us giggling.  Try saying, POOP, its funny isn’t it?

Our plan is after Nov 1st when andy is freed from his chemo pump that we will run away and escape to an indoor waterpark somewhere in the MidWest. Why you ask? well because it’s really hard to enjoy water when you have a chemo pump attached to your chest 24/7 so we are going to Treasure the time apart from Phillipé de pump.

One last hurrah with a stomach together…and hopefully no poop found in the waterpark pool. Our nurse said to not worry about urine in the pool because the chlorine kills it within 7 seconds, and vomit you can dodge, but poop is a show stopper.

Healing Eyes

Gift package


Sweet jacket!
Thank you IS dept…
Andy was feeling extra sick today so it brought a smile to his face…
Plus it’s freezing in the house

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Birthday and many more

Happy Birthday Andy..

No matter what happens or what the world throws at us we will always be ‘Us’. Nothing, not even #$!!%& Cancer can tear us apart. I didn’t fall in love with your stomach, I fell in love with you and all of you. When we get low I will pull us back up, when you get sad, remember the fun times we have had and that we will always be One-of-a-Kind!

Healing Eyes