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Crazy Andy


Another chemo day done. Last one for this round too!
Now we wait another 3 weeks before more ct scans…and then….surgery!

Healing Eyes

My stomach is moving

Andy is eating again! And not just my amazing smoothies that he really really loves.
We have had steak two nights in a row. He has eaten a full 6 inch sub from subway again and ….wait for it….he had Hardee’s breakfast twice!

This past weekend was The big bike event and i managed to do only 78 miles:(
Andy chilled at the hotel with the pups and rescued me once with a sub from jimmy johns…it was almost like a normal adventure we used to have.

Tonight we are going to a friends to have a dog birthday party and free food!! Yessss! No cooking!

Healing Eyes

can you just imagine

Close your eyes…breathe in…fill your lungs up and then exhale.
Now open your eyes and smile because you are alive.

Every day that passes is another day of breath..
Don’t take for granted being healthy..
Don’t take for granted seeing your loved ones healthy.

With every step into a cancer center it hits us like a concrete wall that a lot of people are sick, the larger facilities have so many patients waiting around. Waiting for what? to know that they can live or to know that they have only so much time…

Imagine being told your life will never be same and that we hope Chemo works, that it contains the cancer cells, that we can remove the stomach, and you will live a full life. Now imagine its YOU being told this or that you are sitting next to your husband, as the full force of what is to come, HITS you. The room spins and you cling to anything, to anything that sounds positive…. Breathe….

tomorrow is another day…another day of trying to wake up and LIVE

Healing Eyes

chemo cycle 2

and so the saga continues…

we wake up and cuss to ourselves that its chemo day..pack the backpack full of snacks and toys to occupy the day with…and hop in the mini. Fact: mini has small trunk and large bouncy blue ball takes up half of it, oh miko.

I will say this about the cancer center at Metro, its peaceful and quiet. If a restful atmosphere truly does help with healing than we may just have a chance at surviving this.

We lucked out and got the corner station this time, so it was more private and i had a little table for my laptop.

Andy hasn’t lost more weight. that’s right, Sarah’s smoothies are working!

A friend brought us thai food..so that was nice:)

We got home and zonked out on the bed (which is in the living room now).. then the phone rang and food was on its way, yay to Mary Beth and her always amazing full course meals.

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Hair cut

Mohawk Hair cut





Healing Eyes

2nd opinion

Trip to detroit was somewhat successful. The doctors agree that our doctors are on the right path. After the chemo they suggest more scans and then we can follow up with them again to see there thoughts on what the Surgery will look like.

We go again on monday to detroit to meet an esophageal surgeon specialist… so existing!

On another note.. everyone like our photo on MINI of grand rapids facebook page so we can win tickets to Blue Man Group.

Vote for us

look for the blue mini with the Dogs in it:)

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Chip may shatter

My mini Cooper is getting a rock chip fixed. The guy obviously doesn’t drive sticks much since he tried reversing with the emergency brake still on and took awhile to find where the key goes.

We are still finding trying to get out bearings straight on what to do. Now that I know more I have more questions I wish I had asked before treatment. Chemo obviously is a must but now we want to reassure ourselves by getting a second opinion.

So Detroit here we come, please don’t shatter us too much more. The glass is fragile and can only handle so much pressure.

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Ouch that needle hurt

So I guess numbing spray helps make needle not hurt…hmmm.that makes sense.
Too bad nurse forgot until after sticking the needle in Phillip la port on Andy’s chest. Ouwie! I cringed!
Second visit went ok…the pump is full again and irritating as always.

Got a nice gift from my coworkers today…the chocolate was my favorite I dare say:) ok maybe the gift card to Meijer was cooler…toss up. But it could buy more chocolate!

My dad is sick now though… Bronchitis something…soo now I can’t see them for awhile. Oh well , I am super woman and can do anything if I set my mind to it.

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I love nerds

Last Friday was a great day! Took Andy to his work so he could talk to people and take care of business since his mysterious absence.

The instant we walk thru the doors the librarians spot him! Andy runs away and little Sarah is hit by the swarm. I have heard of the librarians but never experienced it first hand.
I was able to bring calm and answer all of their questions. Assure them that Andy is shy (as they knew already they say) and just wants to work. That yes he has cancer and it ain’t pretty but I got his back. What sweet caring ladies though…nice to see Andy has support.

I then retreat into the IS department for safety.

Now I love nerds! The only time cancer comes us is in jokes and we all laugh and then turn back to complaining about servers and computers being stupid. Tucked away in the black hole of computer equipment we chilled and had the guys come to us. Andy was pumped on adrenaline and smiled so much, it was a delicious break. Because we then went to one of peters food dives that served breakfast and romance novels lol. I guess they are known for there egg sandwiches, greasy little things but Andy scarfed them down. I am more of a French toast gal.

Ahh good times in Kalamazoo.

Healing Eyes

Beep beep

First scare of the week. Andy’s pump started beeping yesterday and I wasn’t home to help .
Luckily nothing serious, the machine was just out of medication.
It’s going to be refilled today and once again attached to Andy…good for curing but not good for looking cool:)

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