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Will you help Juliet?

Everything is AWESOME when you work as a team!! 🙂 Yes I just plugged the song for the Lego’s movie in comparison to a our AMAZING progress in sponsoring our children.

We have 9 New Sponsorships!!!! 9!!! Yes that is something to SHOUT about.

I’m going to push my luck and ask if anyone out there would be willing to take on little Juliet for 1 year of education at $35/month. Her brother, Brian, was recently sponsored and it would be a shame to send him to school without his sister.

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For an additional $7 a month your donation to Healing Eyes Medical fund will help other children and families living in poverty with urgent needs such as HIV/AIDS, malaria treatment, deworming prevention, and common bacteria infections requiring antibiotics.

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Emma is growing up

This is part of the job that makes the struggle worth it!

A little over a year ago I met Emma and his mother and to see the transformation take place in this boy’s smile and demeanor is completely God’s hand at work. This is exactly why we should take notice of the suffering half way around the world.

Emma is partially deaf and was thought to be dumb. When we met him he was sitting on the ground with kids half his age all around him in a kindergarten class. He didn’t hear well or follow the teacher and so everyone just thought he was dumb because he was different. Through the help of a friend in St. Croix we were able to move him to a school for the deaf and then just recently we moved him to a school with kids of various degrees of deafness and/or special needs and he’s really blossoming. Emma has a new sponsor now in Michigan and we are excited to see what the new school year will bring. Each update warms my heart and shows progress amidst so much struggle to move a few feet forward.

If you have been thinking of sponsoring but needed another reason to say yes I hope this can show the affect your giving can have in lives so far removed from our own. See our Kids here.

It’s overwhelming to look at the tremendous need and quantity of kids, even the painful task of choosing who is more needy then the other is daunting but I’ve learned God has a child in mind for everyone.

Sometimes that child comes into our life in strange ways but comes nevertheless.

Healing Eyes

Looking Back

It was 3 years ago when we became an official charity, it also was 3 years ago tomorrow when Andy died.  How did this all start and where are are we headed anyways?

Well, it was a cold winter day in Michigan 3 years ago when the worst thing could have happened. The ending of one life and the beginning of another. Then 1 year later a charity was born. Then 1 year later a village was found with widows and orphans living in extreme poverty. Now it’s 2016 and another year has passed and it’s time to really put action behind our words. We have 6 kids sponsored, 3 of them just in the past 2 weeks! We have land in Africa that needs a school building built on. All of this is impossible to dream up and even more impossible to accomplish. Where is the money coming from to build? No idea! But somehow there is a way and in 1 year it’s going to be fun to look back at what we accomplished.

This New Years Eve we head back over to Uganda and with each visit we get a little further along. We have kids to check on, land to develop, and so many untold adventures ahead of us. With our new sponsorship program we have so much to keep us busy. It’s hard to imagine that some kids can’t go to school, don’t even have enough money to eat, or even have a bandaid to prevent infections.

We need your prayers now more than ever because this next stage of Healing Eyes will be even harder than when it first began out of great loss. Now we walk further into unknown territory and need to learn how to navigate so many areas completely unknown to us. Like building a school thousands of miles away in a 3rd world country with little money on hand! Yikes!

Healing Eyes

Our newest Addition


Our First litter of piglets have arrived! 4 little sweethearts:) Please pray for us as we decide how to shelter them and keep them alive until they can be weaned to sell to the market. We are prayerful this will turn into a nice little business to bring in money for the children but it will take time and patience to work between cultures and business skills.

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I’m just bad at fundraising

The proof that God is doing it all is in how bad I am at fundraising, ha! Truly we would not be where we are with my skills alone in fundraising. God must be present and real to have accomplished staying afloat for almost 2 years.

Dec 15 2014 we became an official 501c3 non-profit and since then we have succeeded in so much!

• Partnered with an indigenous pastor in Eastern Uganda who started a school for orphans and hiv victims.
• Feed 22 kids in Uganda school lunch
• Feed 22 kids in Uganda school lunchSchool fees and uniforms for 31 kids
• School fees and uniforms for 31 kids
• June 2016 we located and bought 4 acres of land in Uganda for a future school building and clinic.
• Set up a home in Uganda to help girls and boys with minor first aid
• Two fundraiser events a year (chili cook off first of the year and Benefit concert in the fall)
• Overcame cancer and surgery.

Somehow God keeps making it possible when the bank account shrinks and comes in at the last minute. We always need more monthly partners and a corporate sponsor would be amazing! But as bad as I am at fundraising as long as God is in control then we will keep on persevering to help widows and orphans as the bible ‘tells me so’.

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Smiling Again

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the details of trying to save everyone. But a photo like this one of our boy Emma smiling at his boarding school melts the heart and reassures us we can make a difference. Many of you know the last 3 months have been difficult on a personal level since coming back to the states from Africa. A cancer diagnosis was a complete surprise and nearly stopped everything we started with Healing Eyes. We had just bought land in Africa and were feeling good about our progress and out of no where comes cancer again. Now only 2.5 months post surgery the feelings of Africa are slowly returning, like a slow ache forgotten for awhile but still persisting. Being detached from that day to day suffering makes it easy to NOT go back, but instead, turn my thoughts inward to protect myself becomes very attractive. It feels like I have earned some selfishness because of cancer….and yet…there still is that persistent ache I can’t shake.

IMG_0865This recent photo (only 2 days ago) says a lot because over time I have learned doing a little NOW can reap rewards LATER. Emma was placed in a boarding school for the deaf last year and while there he got a terrible abscess under his armpit that had to be cut out. But then he recovered and we moved him to another school closer to his village that also deals with deaf kids. He has partial hearing but because of his disability he can’t thrive in a government school or Buweboya vision junior school, we just aren’t equipped for teaching kids with disabilities. We don’t even have a real building yet at Buweboya. The point is we did take the step and over time Emma is smiling more. In the end I hope that is enough….to cheer up a child today.


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Food for thought

Sharing the meaning of life with others..

If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday. Isaiah 58:10

We have faced difficulties and trials over the past few months, and yes, thought of giving up more than once. Even when the parents at Buweboya Vision Junior School tried to deceive us by not paying school fees and lying about their children being orphans we tried to seek out the children in true need. We are constantly reevaluating which children to help and sadly some of the children are being used by their parents to get their fees paid while others more needy suffer. How do we dig through the lies and deceitful behavior of the adults? Slowly…very slowly but in the end its still extremely difficult to say no to any of these kids because of the mere fact that they have very little because of the poverty in the area.

Thank you for helping the children eat today. Thank you for not turning away when asked to share your blessings with others. To Kickstart your support with a one time or monthly support ($5/$10 a month) click here

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Our Simon needs You


Simon is about 15 years old and attends Buweboya Vision Junior School. If you ever wanted to meet a boy with potential than this will amaze you. He walks miles to school each day, through a swamp and rocky terrain under a searing hot sun. During holiday breaks he will walk miles to get tutoring by a few teachers in the village. His mother is gone and is father is dead, due to suspicious circumstances surrounding his mother leaving. This boy just doesn’t give up! He is soft spoken but if you give him the attention he craves he will open up to you and reveal a very intelligent young man desperate for an education. I would like to say that our school is established enough to give a good education but right now with no building and volunteer teachers, basically, the kids are not learning to their potential. I want to give this ONE boy a better chance and place him in a private boarding school for $38 a month for 1 year to see what he can do when given an opportunity.

So if you have a heart for giving this year and want to change a life please consider joining Healing Eyes in making the impossible possible for a boy abandoned and forgotten in Eastern Uganda.

Sign me up here: Yes, I want to help Simon

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Patiently letting the dust settle.

Been silent for awhile but as you can imagine it’s been quite a couple months of changes.

In Africa we are continuing to work on registering our land title and begin talks on how to develop the land. We are  in ‘savings’ mode with some our donations coming in to be ready to start fencing and drilling for water. A fence and water can seem a bit dull but as with everything when it first starts out there is the foundation that has to be laid first. This foundation is proving to be a very difficult task and here we thought finding land was difficult!

Our foundation in Africa consists of basic trust building right now. We are known in the village as people with money and those that hold the key to a new school in their community. As always it is Their community and not ours, which means we have to be patient and enlist them to have some value in the project. What is growing to be difficult is the strain on communication from email and phone while still getting things done without being pushy and ‘know it all’ sounding.

As of now the pastor has become ill and this is slowing progress but in a way helping us more with being patient and slow in moving forward. Some of the dust needs to settle there first. A phased approach needs to be implemented and lots and lots of research before putting all the generous donations from supporters to work.

We wait on God for how He is going to move some pieces around with my health, my new marriage, and the ability to work remotely from the states. Thankfully the ‘my health’ part is improving every day and you couldn’t even tell I went through cancer a month and half ago.

Thank you


4 acres of land

4 acres of land HealingEyes.org purchased.


The Well full of bacteria and parasites .

Healing Eyes

How we are helping children

One way Healing Eyes uses your donations is to provide school supplies for 3 special kids in Uganda. It’s not always the big changes that make a difference in lives.

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