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Out and bout in Canada eh!

A fat little pug dog walking down the sidewalk seemingly all alone. His leash dragging under him, he walks around the grating on the sidewalks, dodges people and bounces around his merry way. He stops in front of a window display with Christmas decorations to enjoy the show.. I think he is following a lady with packages but it’s hard to tell. What a cute Canadian pup !

A loud man yells profanity against the machine, a religious man screams at people walking by, a bum curls up in a sleeping bag over a vent on the sidewalk, huge crowds of people stare at the shiny polar bears. Miko and yoshi wander the streets of toronto and take it all in. Yoshi learns to hop the grates and miko refuses to touch manholes. Every corner has new surprises and smells. They are stumpy and quickly dodge people, lick people, and blend in well as city pups. Miko speaks up against those luggage wheelies…how dare they make noise in front of her.
The turnstile in the lobby was scarey at first but miko got the hang of it.
The best part was that dogs were allowed in the shopping center … I thought for sure someone one would kick us out, it’s always NO dogs allowed. Furry kids or not you don’t belong.
We finally belonged and could do a family vacation with the pups…Toronto is pretty cool!

Bringing the kids places was stressful, I can’t imagine how it may be with a non-fuzzy kid but as of now the fuzzy will do.

Love you miko and yoshi our little city dogs…


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know when to fold them

January…then….february…then it will be a full year waiting,

We should reach our $14,000 goal by then, that will at least cover the bare minimum of adopting. That seems like a lot of money for something that seems so unreal.

when your waiting to adopt you cant get your hopes up too high, after all it can never even happen. We are taking a gamble….when/if we get the call the stakes rise because at anytime either party can walk away. I don’t like casinos so what the heck am I doing gambling with adoption?

new idea to pass the time while waiting…maybe i’ll start a quilt. Read an article about a woman that got pieces of fabric from friends and family and she made a baby quilt with it. I wonder if I could get the same response….. it’s a good winter time killer:)

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seasons go bye

Sept and October have gone by.. we had 3 birthmothers review our profile.
that means 3 no’s but at least 3 looked.
They keep telling us this is the time of year when things pick up but the year is going by with no call in sight.
Here comes 2012 and we will have to renew our homestudy for another year of waiting and not knowing. Adoptive parents don’t get the luxury of knowing when it can happen. Can’t really plan for the unknown… when/if the call comes it will all just happen, let’s hope we haven’t gone loopy by then:)



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different ways of finding a birthmother

Question: What is the difference between a “designated” and “matched” adoption?Answer: A designated adoption is a situation where an adoptive family and birth parent find each other through mutual friends, family, pastor, advertising, etc. They often have a common contact who has introduced them without the assistance of the agency. This is also often called a private adoption.

A matched adoption is a situation where a birth parent selects the adoptive family from looking at agency profiles. She can look at the profiles on the web site, or she can request profiles that specifically meet her requests.

Adoption Associates, Inc. works with families pursing both of these types of adoptions.

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what if sniffles

Ask me again in another month how the wait goes..

Ask me again in another week how the progress goes..

Ask me again tomorrow if we should still adopt..

Anyone going thru adoption, or who has gone thru adoption knows this second guessing. At one time you have questioned everything.

Every day I mumble this poem to myself, it is what keeps me hoping that maybe some day we could have it happen to us:

The Gift of Life I didn’t give you the gift of life, But in my heart I know. The love I feel is deep and real, As if it had been so. For us to have each other Is like a dream come true! No, I didn’t give you The gift of life, Life gave me the gift of you. — Unknown
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Money money

Holy cow we are so close to $10,000!!!!!

we are at $9,477 for the adoption!

Just wow 🙂

Our Fundraising Website

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A bumpy weekend

Today I received my first negative comment on one my blogs on Adoption. It was a comment about my last post on our Profile Shown at last. It seems my quick sentence about the limitations on our openness for ethnicity and drug use was taken the wrong way and read too deeply, sooo to clarify….

When you first go to an agency you are asked a ton of questions on your level of openness to drug use, ethnicity, religion, ect.. During those initial months they ask you to check yes or no on a long list of things that anyone would find both uncomfortable and difficult decisions to make in such a short time. We are open to most bi-racial adoption as well as Caucasian (many families that go to the agency only are open to Caucasian, I do not look down on them because i an understand why they chose that path), we are however limiting ourselves on drug use because we aren’t able to deal with possible serious health conditions. Once you check that ‘bi-racial’ box the agency dives deeper into what race you are open to, and then you are required to take a class on bi-racial adoption. In this class we listened to 2 very different adoptees tell there story of being raised in a bi-racial family.

The hard part now is to wait, knowing that the decisions made then will decide what birthmother we get shown to. Once you are shown and then denied it is a joyous and bittersweet experience. It is human nature to second guess ones decisions. I am by no means a political gal, or an expert on diversity in the home….but we are adopting and every couple at the agency is looking for the same thing we are, a family.

Comments are great, both positive and negative, they show that there is a curiosity on how adoption works.

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Adoption Profile shown at last

What to do when given the news that your profile was shown twice in July.

Option 1: Be happy and excited that the agency is showing our profile to birthmothers

Option 2: Take it as a sign of progress and that more birthmothers are coming to the agency

Option 3: Our limitations on what we checked on our Level of Openness form, the type of drug use isn’t holding us back from having our Profile shown.

Option 4: Two birthmothers didn’t like our profile and so we aren’t good enough to be parents.

Well the obvious answer would be option 1-3. But there is that nagging option 4 that pulls at my pessimistic side. I’m screaming ‘Pick us’!!!!
It’s ok..more time to save money and be prepared for ‘the call’.

We still need help fundraising, visit our site or pass it along.

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Training to succeed

I’m in training right now.

Training my body to go long distances…to persevere even though my mind says stop. After the 20 mile mark my head starts to say enough…the 30 mile marker mind says keep going…the 50 mile mark and it’s slamming on the brakes in my head. Once I get to 66 miles my mind is playing all kinds of tricks on me, the adrenaline is lessening and the tears kick in. Who knows what happens at 100 miles!

Every ride I push a little harder and every day I succeed. It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it. The brain is a muscle just like my legs and the only way to make my goal is to try.

So how can I use this strength in my day to day struggles with Adoption and coming to grips with never having a biological child? Easy enough, just train. Day by day I’ll tell myself it’s ok, Don’t let go of the loss but let the loss make me stronger, use what I have gone thru to know tomorrow is another day, each day brings me closer and closer to the Daugher or Son I will love. It’s all in the mind, let it teach the heart to love someone not of your blood… and the healing will come.

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