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Hello world!

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what to do about this blog…
I have started one at my job to begin networking with others who have adopted. So this means i now have 2 blogs…
This one is more personal and sappy, and free to say whatever I want. While the other i have to word carefully since co-workers read it.

Why do i do this to myself:)

so this blog might change…i might try WordPress and then that will link here. Now the great news is it should allow for commenting by readers. Still need research more on if this will work.

But on the upside, i may update this more often now! ha..

Still waiting…hoping.. and getting more scared each day that we will never be picked.

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At 8:48pm today we got an amazing donation that has put as at the $5,000 mark! If you had asked me last friday when we were $200 shy of the first goal I would never have guessed we would have reached it before my next paycheck:)

Thank you so much to those who have helped us out and to those yet to come. and to those who still are each month.

and to think i was feeling all depressed earlier tonight…

Healing Eyes

resources are out there

We now have an outside website linking to us!
So if you go here

you will see Me and Andy show up sometime soon. Yay some Exposure to our story:)

and in other news i will be starting up a second blog that will be a lot like this but on my place of employments website. So yet another way to share the story and also raise some awareness to adoption and share resources with others. Meet more people going thru adoption and hear more stories from others.

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new ideas

Fundraising Idea from a friend:
Create handmade unique stuffed toys.
I found this great website that has some great patterns for these cute little stuffed toys called Amigurumi’s
Feel free to look around and pick out your favorite little creature, then fill out my order form. I’ll start working on it right away and either ship or hand deliver.
Idea # 2 came to me when a friend suggested making some Ipad2 cases. I have always sewn and quilted so this came easily, so why not offer some handmade cases, purses, bags, you name it and i can make it. Check out the shop gallary to see the one i made so far and place an order.

Healing Eyes


Beginning of a beautiful spring and a hopeful year.
We are so close to reaching $5,000! yay!
Just shows how you can save money when you stop spending it on medical bills and treatments that may or may not work.

The sun is out and its supposed to be a warmer weekend. Hopefully we can break the rollerblades out and take the pups for a skate.

Today i visited my friend at the hospital, she just had her second boy. It was a hard experience for me since i haven’t ever been to see someone who just gave birth and then to actually hold a newborn! but I had to do it, i had to overcome this hurdle in my mind. I have built it up so high that maternity wards scare me and I actually survived.
He was a cute little baby and didn’t fuss, he had a beautiful crocheted blanket wrapped around him (hmm i wonder where he got that;)..

Some day…it’s always some day

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new york city

Now before it sounds like we are out spending money traveling to exotic places haha.. yea ok New York isn’t exotic.

Got to tag along with andy on his Conference to New York.
It was fun.. lots of time by myself to wander the city and explore museums while andy got to learn fun Educational stuff for work.

This is a photo at Bryant Park just outside of Time Square at night.

check off fun get away to the big city before our family gets bigger and we have diapers to change. Perhaps this will be our last trip to New york as a Duo and next time we will have a baby strapped to our chest in this photo. Fingers crossed, Ya never know these days!!

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A wise husband once said, “Worrying about what may not happen will not help make it hurt less”.

I tend to worry about everything that could go wrong instead of concentrating on the good that can happen. Twisted mind 🙂

and an even wiser Cartoon said, “Life is hard for everyone, if your adult or a kid, life still is hard, but at least you have family to go thru it with”.

Healing Eyes


Went to first adoption meeting/support group.
Discussion was about parenting thru adoption and the challenges faced for adopted children and parents.

If you have never adopted or gone thru adoption its something people don’t think about much. how parenting thru adoption can be different
even if you do tell yourself how it is still a child and you still will be parents.
But it truly will always be different. There will always be 2 sets of parents for one special child.
But different doesn’t mean less , it just means a different path full of excitement and new challenges.

We can’t wait for the wait to be over to start this new adventure.

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warm and cozy

I think by the time we get picked the baby will have so many blankets that there won’t be room for the little one. Andy’s mom finished one and is now on to the second. While I also am busily crocheting away.

I Finished the first official baby blanket today that I will NOT be giving away to a friend or expecting pregnant lady as I always end up doing.

This handmade blanket will finally stay here and one day hold our baby. Each blanket I made in the past was a piece of love that was given away and each time I was sad to see it go. It’s just a blanket … I suppose … and yet more.

This is the next blanket… Pound of Love baby blanket. of course mine will be gender safe…Going with a bright teal color.

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