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Got the news today that Friday we GO LIVE !!!!

We started this back in November and now about 2.5 months later our names and story will be out for Birthmothers to view.

Friday the agency will have our profiles uploaded to the system where all the offices can find us in matching searches. Their website will also have a copy of the profile up for birthmothers to find.

Expecting Thru Adoption 🙂

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The State

says we are certified to adopt! What great words to hear after a long day at work.

Our caseworker emailed me today with the great news! should be a matter of days until our Profile is up on the system and given to birthmothers to see us. Of course there is the wait but we can use the time to save up money and prepare ourselves emotionally to start our family.


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After much creativity, writing, and learning about each other we now have our 50 profiles to begin pasting pictures to.

We wanted to add a little extra personal touch so each photo will have photo corners. It is looking very nice so far..

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Make room

Phew…what a looooong day of closet making!
Thanks to my dad and Andy we made great progress on the new closet for me. I even did some drywalling, and have more to do tomorow, oh boy!

Our Goal :
Make a new closet in our unused attic space, insulate it, and then move my clothes into the new space. Which then frees up the little room to become a nursery!
Next was to fix a falling ceiling panel in the soon to be nursery so it can also have insulation blown in and be a more comfortable room (pic on upper right), still needs some paint and magic but its secure with screws!

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Big sigh

We did it ! Had our last meeting with the social worker yesterday…and it appeared to go well. She walked thru the the extremely clean house and confirmed that we DO actually have a house and that it does in fact have rooms in it. 🙂
Now all our work is done and we just wait for the homestudy to be officially typed up and all the T’s crossed and I’s dotted. She said it can take a month and then we can get our profiles printed up and be entered into the database. In the big scheme of things a month isn’t THAT long but it sure seems like it.

We have all our photos printed for our profile and now get to cut them and crop them for when we get the printed profiles to glue them to. That will keep us occupied while waiting for the official stamp of approval.

Thanks again to everyone who has shared kind words of encouragement and excitement to us. Thank you to all who have given a little to help us in our journey, every penny COUNTS and HELPS greatly:)!! thank you thank you

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Today was fun! We got to spend time with a great friend who also is an amazing photographer. Now we have all out pictures for the Adoption profile and just need to finalize what photos to use. A couple hundred pictures to shuffle thru isn’t too bad right ? haha.

Well we were able to narrow it down to the 3 we needed to complete our profile for Birthmothers to look at.

The snow was coming down in big flakes but that didn’t stop us from an outdoor photoshoot. Well ok we also snuck indoors for a bit for a quick shot.

Thanks to my other friend who provided the wardrobe changes to create the illusion of different photo settings hehe.

Aren’t we adorable!

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Second meeting done

We had our second meeting with the caseworker. It was a bit intimidating since we had to be interviewed individually this time. Sarah got to go first. 45 minutes of questions about family, life, experiences, and how we felt about adopting. I think we passed:) Well at least we are now on to the last meeting where the caseworker comes to the house. Now she said don’t worry about cleaning..hmmm.. could that be to see what we really live like:) well needless to say i think we still will tidy up a bit.
About 3 more weeks and we should be approved! How exciting and scarey all at the same time.
Thanks to anyone who actually reads these ramblings… fingers crossed the home visit goes well and the dogs don’t scare her off with too much love hahaha

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We are now thinking ahead…preparing our house for the new family to be. After seeing a small waterspot on a ceiling upstairs we panicked and thought oh no a new roof! But instead its what we always new we had to fix, our attic insulation and ventilation. We have too much condensation in our house.
If anyone knows a good contractor let us know:)

We had our first meeting with the caseworker and had a great interview with her. Lots of questions about marriage and life and stability. Learned even more about what we were looking for in a family.

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counting down

Got another donation today…thank you!

can’t wait until monday when we get to meet with our caseworker and discuss more about what we are looking for in a birthmother. Only 2 more meetings after that.

got our first draft of our portfolio done, it’s a lot of work but fun to do. Learn more about each other and what we want in a family. Also just shows how strong our love is for each other and how strong we have become.

Gotten lots of questions from family members about where we are adopting from. We are sticking with domestic because its more aligned with the age we are looking for (infant) and its less expensive. It’s interesting to hear from others that the stereotypes of birthmothers are still strong in today’s culture and many still believe the fears you hear on tv about the birthmother reclaiming their child years later. Let me say from what we have learned that is just TV drama and myths. Sure it happens but fewer than people think.
We both are excited and not allowing ourselves to be scared off by stereotypes and myths.

yum pumpkin cookies in the oven!

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Got our first donation today, yay!
Thank you for thinking of us and supporting us.

Progress update: Our letters of reference should be almost done and submitted to the agency for review. Then we have our second meeting with the agency to go over more details and questions about our home life.

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