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Got our first donation today, yay!
Thank you for thinking of us and supporting us.

Progress update: Our letters of reference should be almost done and submitted to the agency for review. Then we have our second meeting with the agency to go over more details and questions about our home life.

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Began reading thru adoption books the agency suggested for a homestudy requirement.

1. Dear Birthmother
2. Transracial Adoption
1. Launching a baby’s adoption.

The Dear birthmother book made me cry as I read it out loud.
The first myth of birthmothers is that they are uncaring… Found out this is far from the truth. They love, feel, hurt, cry, smile, and experience it all thru different eyes than the adopting parents.
Very good read for anyone looking into understanding adoption more.

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first step

Chose an agency and submitted our formal application. Attended our first meetings about adoption and on what to expect. An overwhelming week full of lots and decisions.

learned about how important it is to begin the journey right and remain positive thru it all.

this is the beginning of our family to be …

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