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Meet Billah from Uganda, East Africa. I met her a couple of years ago in a remote village in the mountains near a beautiful waterfall.  Since that day Billah has been an inspiration to help other children in need.  She is 12 years old and is currently sponsored to attend boarding school in Mbale Uganda.  However, we are hoping to raise enough money for her to study in America this coming school year.  Her dream is to become a doctor so she can help other children who are suffering from same illnesses she has experienced, malaria and typhoid, and her cousin Mary has experienced, HIV.  You have a rare opportunity to change her life forever by coming alongside Healing Eyes and sponsoring Billah’s tuition to a private Christian School in Michigan.

Why Billah? Some of you know the story of how over the years she continued to draw me back to Uganda and each time I would meet another child or widows in need.  God used Billah to lead me to larger projects and to eventually lead us to establishment of a Healing Eyes NGO (Non Government Organization) in Uganda. Today we have 24 sponsored children in boarding school and another 11 studying 1st grade in our newly established primary school.  We have also established a widows learning program to obtain trade skills in tailoring. God has blessed us and now we would like to bless Billah with an education that will change her life.  Billah has never seen ballet, never learned how to play an instrument, kayaked, or played any organized sports.  Imagine what a change we could make in her life together.  Here is where you could help.  We need to raise $13,000 by April to start the process for her student visa and we need your help today.

This is more than a donation… This a chance to be God’s hands and feet and make a change happen through one small girl. We always think it’s the BIG things that makes a difference but truly, it is all the small things that make the biggest difference.  Give a lot or a little.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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