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What we Do through Christ

Does what we do Stick? At Healing Eyes it might seem like we keep trying different things and then change our minds and do something else but what we are doing is seeing what WILL work in Africa. Often what we think will work may not because we didn't grow up there. So What

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Fear can’t stop us

What happens when you start to make progress and see good things come from it? Setbacks! There are many that want us NOT to succeed and while God continues to work to make it possible the enemy is fast on our heels to try and stop us. Lately it's been discouraging in Afric

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We want you!

The Healing Eyes.org mission in Uganda is looking for a new team member(s) who are willing to work abroad for up to 3 months or more serving widows and orphans. We are seeking someone, or a couple, who have some of the following skills: construction, agriculture and livestoc

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I'm grounded for awhile but the ministry continues on in Uganda even in my absence. Our pilot tailoring program has been progressing for over 3 months now and the ladies are diligent in coming to learn and making some pretty nice things. Forces are working against us to slo

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Prep time is the worse

The prep work that goes into staining an old and dirty deck is a lot! At first I thought it would only need a power wash and then I could let it dry and stain it. Wrong. I needed to clean it first, which I thought would be an easy spray on wash off technique. Wrong. It took

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Machines Upkeep

It takes a lot of work to keep our 5 sewing machines up to speed and working properly. What a strange feeling to be happy about needing to do maintenance again on our sewing machines because it means they are being USED! Yay! our 5 ladies keep coming each week to learn how t

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Exciting new changes

By teaching someone a new SKILL we can bring about change in the lives of many for generations to come. We have started to try out a tailoring program to help widows get back on there feet and support themselves. By starting small we can begin to see seeds of hope already ta

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Perspective on growing up

Gaining perspective on life through the eyes of an adolescent girl in Africa. One of my kids is a wonderful young lady who has grown over the past 2 years I have known her. Each time I see her I reminded about what it means to be a girl in Uganda and the simplest things I ta

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The Tailoring Program has Begun

It was fun and encouraging today to welcome two widows into the new tailoring program we are testing out in Uganda!! Our tailoring teacher is a much needed blessing to the project. I'm excited to see where this takes Healing Eyes and the lives of the widows we impact. The se


Pigs are Growing

Our pigs are growing in the village and we couldn't be happier to see the success of our first sustainable project to stop poverty.

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