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Progress after 2 years

It's pretty cool when you wake up knowing you have a stack of money to deposit at the bank from random people giving to a cause thousands of miles away from everything they are familiar with. Putting trust in a God that the money will be used for his plan and that Healing E

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Philbert and Bonnie are parents

Last year we started a little project with 2 pigs in hopes that some day we would have piglets. As with anything it takes time to see results and this little pet project has been fun from the start. healingeyes.org has new additions to the family, 5 baby piglets. This pro

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You are going to fail often

I want to try even though I might fail.. I'll keep on making those new mistakes as we continually hit walls, get hurt feelings, fail, get up, then fail again, get lied to, cheated, taken advantage of...and then keep on trying. Anyone that wants to help the world and start a

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Compassion changes lives

A little happiness on a gloomy Michigan day. We have raised $98 so far towards our cement budget of $2,100. Can you help put us over $100 before Midnight tonight? These 100+ kids really could use a roof over their heads during the rainy season. The rain there is very differe

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Want to buy a bag of cement?

In January we built a temporary classroom for the children, however, now we need to start raising funds to build our permanent classrooms. We now have a time limit because of the District inspectors who come each school term to see if we met the minimum requirements of 4 cla

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Poisonous revenge

This world has a lot of unbelievable things happening in it, especially when you wake up in the cozy suburbs of the Midwest and come to find out someone you know has been poisoned out of jealousy. We have become close to a family in Uganda over the years and I think of them

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Safely back in the states

Arriving back in America is always a long and tiring journey. Once back it's filled with silence and regrets...did I do enough, what next? Thank you for all the prayers and support these last 6 weeks while in Africa. We accomplished so much really! Right now I am exhausted

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Waking up this morning after a terrible night battling a headache I dreaded getting up to face another day. A list of complaints popped into my head before even setting my foot outside the mosquito net. It is now Saturday and in my head I'm counting the days to when I fly ba

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I guess this is what I am

Shut off from the outside world and now even separated from my new husband. So strange to say 'husband' again after losing my first husband to cancer. Yet here I am, 6 months married, back in Africa but not a widow this time. How did this all start? A huge storm destroyed m

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Uganda Update 1/18/17

It's been a sad night here in Africa. Donald just left to fly back to America. He has a 6 hour drive at night, and then a 3 hour wait at the airport - all before his 20+ hours of flying. Pray he makes it to the airport with no car accidents... Traveling at night is dangerous