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Break My Heart

We pray for God to give us his eyes. We pray for Him to give us His heart. Lord break our heart for what breaks yours. Lord use me. I wonder how often do we really allow our heart to be broken? How often does that brokenness evoke action? God works through His people. In a s


I’m just bad at fundraising

The proof that God is doing it all is in how bad I am at fundraising, ha! Truly we would not be where we are with my skills alone in fundraising. God must be present and real to have accomplished staying afloat for almost 2 years. Dec 15 2014 we became an official 501c3 n

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Smiling Again

It's easy to get overwhelmed in the details of trying to save everyone. But a photo like this one of our boy Emma smiling at his boarding school melts the heart and reassures us we can make a difference. Many of you know the last 3 months have been difficult on a personal le

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Food for thought

Sharing the meaning of life with others.. If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday. Isaiah 58:10 We have faced difficulties and trials over the past few mont

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Our Simon needs You

  Simon is about 15 years old and attends Buweboya Vision Junior School. If you ever wanted to meet a boy with potential than this will amaze you. He walks miles to school each day, through a swamp and rocky terrain under a searing hot sun. During holiday breaks he

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Patiently letting the dust settle.

Been silent for awhile but as you can imagine it's been quite a couple months of changes. In Africa we are continuing to work on registering our land title and begin talks on how to develop the land. We are  in 'savings' mode with some our donations coming in to be ready t

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How we are helping children

One way Healing Eyes uses your donations is to provide school supplies for 3 special kids in Uganda. It's not always the big changes that make a difference in lives.

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Hope and Joy

....perhaps I need to make a sign that says Pain and Suffering. Beauty and pride....Plain and humble ....perhaps I need to learn the lessen of ... KNOW IDEA. Progress in Africa is slow but really encouraging because they are doing the work and I am not. They have the tool

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pain revealed

We never post the sad photos on Facebook.... Only the happy ones because seeing pain hurts. Cancer kicked off this non profit and cancer is refreshing the pain behind it. Yet compassion is the real Heart behind it all. I am experiencing the other side of cancer as the pati

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The invisible is important

What is most important is what we can't see...the invisible... When we say goodbye to those we love by our will or God's will then what's most important is what we can not see. Tomorrow the sun will rise again and we won't see that loved one smile or cry. We won't see becau

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