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Latest News

Latest News

Tailoring Program 2018

Update: March 2018 – We had such great success in 2017 with our tailoring program that we have expanded to 2 villages and more widows. We also have teachers from the village training widows how to sew. Recently we were able to purchase 2 more sewing machines and open another location. We are looking for more financial partners to cover the cost of materials and staff, contact us to join us today in supporting widows.


On the ground

Plans are being made to develop our new land in hopes of bringing change to a community beaten down by HIV, poverty, starvation, and alcoholism. Future classrooms to help orphans and widows get back on there feet and witness the love of Jesus Christ in their lives.


PIGLETS Sustainable Project

Our First litter of piglets have arrived! 4 little sweethearts:) Please pray for us as we decide how to shelter them and keep them alive until they can be weaned to sell to the market. We are prayerful this will turn into a nice little business to bring in money for the children but it will take time and patience to work between cultures and business skills.

The on the ground team built new pig stalls for the growing pig business. Our hope is to sell the pigs at market once they are fattened enough and use that money to sustain the project and slowly watch it prosper.




Children in Boarding Schools

At Healing Eyes we currently place the most needy children in boarding schools as we find sponsors until we have a building of our own to call home. The village school at Buweboya is not capable of providing all these special children need to have the opportunities to succeed but we are prayerful that someday we can build a new school on our land to provide a safe place for kids to stay and learn.

Consider partnering with us to raise the money we need to build a school here.

5 of our Sponsored kids in boarding schools we partner with.

5 of our Sponsored kids in boarding schools we partner with.


 Our first children that brought us to Africa are enjoying their boarding school and the help from sponsors in America.

Tailoring Sustainable Project

Coming Soon (June 2017)


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