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Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child

Healing Eyes is blessed to be partnering with several families to place 20+ children in boarding school.  sarah@healingeyes.org

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You have chosen to donate $47 monthly.

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Your donation will automatically be deducted from your credit card monthly. Remaining balances are used to support ministry expenses.

For an additional $7 a month your donation to Healing Eyes Medical fund will help other children and families living in poverty with urgent needs such as HIV/AIDS, malaria treatment, deworming prevention, and common bacteria infections requiring antibiotics.

What are we working now?

First grade class: We opened our first classes in January of 2019 and are working towards creating a safe and happy environment for children to learn. As we grow we continue to need support for lunches and supplies and supporting our teacher.

Tailoring Program : this program was started in June of 2017 and has shown great success with 5 ladies to start with. Their excitement over learning is inspirational and gets to the heart of Healing Eyes’ mission to show compassion to Widows in need. We are in need of financial support to keep this program going, please pray if you want to support monthly or with a one-time gift to this program.


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