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What! No change of airline fee!!

This will sounds miraculous and insane at the same time! Today was a hard day, yesterday was another hard day, and the day before that was really hard. But today, holy cow! I prayed like crazy and I asked others to pray for my heart today and it really works! Seriously! No Kidding! I feel my relationship has hope and I have a hope to grow myself through pain. I think Healing Eyes still has a shot with helping Billah get her school fees paid. Healing Eyes gets to make a birthday wish come true for two special girls on St. Croix. Plus I know Healing Eyes is going to Africa in October and no amount of enemy attacks is going to stop it.

Everything isn’t all honky dory and rainbows yet but I am not an emotional wreck curled into a ball in my closet crying like I thought maybe I would be. I had made a decision this morning to cancel a flight to St. Croix and then I decided to try and get it back but usually that means your screwed with fees. But after a 40 minute phone call and being told I’ll have to pay $277 in fees to do it they came back on the line and said we did it for free! That is unheard of! Really!

I’m sorry but for skeptics out there about God and prayer and compassion and grace and all that bible stuff. Seriously! God is great! and he really does forgive and he really does love! The lady at Orbitz was hard to hear but I love that woman and her name was Elise (my middle name is Elisabeth and I go by Elisa with my boyfriend)! She was used today by God to bless me and I want to dance around the building and jump for joy….or is it the saying ‘On fire for God’! ?

Ok sorry…i’ll try to tone down on the Hallelujahs but I can’t help it!

Word of advice for anyone on hold with customer service…be patient…be kind..and don’t get aggravated…it pays off to be nice to others!

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