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Post E.R. update

What’s there to say for an update….I am clueless.. Nothing much happens when you are on Chemo.

Andy got home from the ER the same night and we got his nausea under control, his pain under control, and we went to bed.

Next morning we woke up and Andy felt icky again (not as severe). This round of chemo is far far far worse than prior to surgery.
Why you may ask? “I don’t really know.” “Perhaps because he has no stomach?” … “maybe….”

All I know is that its a lonely path for a caregiver. He hurts and I hurt, he sleeps and I sleep, he wakes and I wake…you get the picture.

My Andy is in what I like to call ‘in-between’ life. He is not living and he is not dying, he is ‘in-betweening’. But he’ll come back, it just takes time and rest, and a whole lot of medications.



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My name is Inigo Montoya and you killed my father..

I read ‘Princess Bride’ to Andy as a bedtime story now. Our life is a lot like the cliffs of insanity, we have climbed them before and nearly fallen off but with a quick jab of the fist into the rock we climbed above the loss of life and dreams we held so tight to.
Now the story replays as we climb the cliffs of insanity once more. This time the cliffs are higher and more dangerous. The chance of falling ever more devastating than loss of life we never knew.

  • Fezzik the giant is like the huge tumor that was big and dumb inside Andy’s tummy, we smashed that out with a rock.


  • The Sicilian thinks he is so wise and can predict everything, plan each day, scheme and plot, and nothing can go wrong and yet the Man in Black gains on him.

Inconceivable… I dont think that word means what you think it means.

  • Princess buttercup has lost true love and vows to never love again..she doesn’t know that true love is still trying to save her.
  • The man in black is delayed in the pit of despair while his true love is to marry another
  • Miracle Max asks what is there to live for? Too bluff, Truuue love…there is no greater thing than TRUE LOVE!

Our story is of True love, it can’t be broken by loss of a child, or of a dream to adopt, its inconceivable to separate Andy’s heart from mine. We started with a diagnosis of cancer, which then turned into surgery, and now it is ‘living with cancer’. Even though the next few months will still be more treatment with unknown results, cancer will always be there, it will forever be our cliffs of insanity..

My name is Gastric Cancer Stage 3b, you have killed our dreams.. prepare to die.

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Pixie dust gone

Feeding tube time…it smells like vanilla (it gets old smelling after awhile).
We r now pros at hooking up the machine…so I figure when we are 90 and require extra nutrients thru a tube we will be all set.

Cancer sux
Post surgery sux
And having to leave andy to go to work tmrw sux

Yup not a Mushy and hopeful post today..just hard cold truth.

Oh and yoshi agrees! His tummy has taken the brunt of the stress from our little family circle, he’s on tummy meds now too.


video on tube feeding setup

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