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Want to buy a bag of cement?

In January we built a temporary classroom for the children, however, now we need to start raising funds to build our permanent classrooms. We now have a time limit because of the District inspectors who come each school term to see if we met the minimum requirements of 4 classrooms, toilet, and fence. Of course have none of those met which means we can’t get a school license. Up to now we have been operating without a license and as more and more kids come this will not be allowed much longer. So we need your help to be official:)

As we slowly gather estimates I’ll share our needs as we go along. Right now the cost of cement is something I wanted to share with everyone in hopes of raising the funds to turn our humble stick shelter into a beautiful cement building.
CEMENT costs us: $6.50 per bag and we need a minimum of 300 bags to start with. So that is roughly $1928.57 for our cement budget. With your donation you will literally be setting the foundation of a school for orphans and disabled!

Buy a Cement Bag

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Our Current classroom

Our tempoary classroom made with logs and sheet metal for the roofing. Eventually it will be mudded for the walls.

What we want our classroom to look like.

What we want our classroom to look like. Brick and cement structure with a strong roof to protect from the harsh weather.

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