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Street performering in Africa

Sick again this morning on day whatever in Africa. My stomach feels twisted and angry this morning. I am starting to think it correlates with the days I go to Mugomari school (the evil feeling one). Once on the way there my stomach calms and I pray for strength to not fall off the motorbike this morning on the dirt roads. These roads are indescribably rough. The closer to the school (about 30 min ride) the kids start appearing on the road from nearby schools. They light up and cheer me on. So that helps. 

Once my foot steps onto the school grounds behind the iron gate I instantly feel like bolting. No one greets me and I walk across the long lawn to the staff room. I smile and shake hands and then start to figure how do I get into the classrooms. If I don’t work fast I’ll be stuck in a chair staring at the walls. Soooo with my trusted ukulele in hand I leave and head to a classroom. I end up with some kids and sing for them and they laugh at me while I try to dance. It’s funny to see a white girl dance. So this is good…I am not letting the darkness keep me down. 


I try to get some students to teach graphic design too and only can get 4 kids brave enough to try. It was not a success. There isn’t much need for me at this school at least structurally. The staff don’t know how to interact and the kids are usually in a lesson so the need for a tutor is pointless. But personally these kids need attention and some joy in there life. 

I again ended up walking over to the primary school where it is brighter. I see kids in the distance in some sort of orientation or presentation. So I walk across the field, alone, to some kids and ask how they are. That’s all it takes here and I have a huge gathering. Soon I am ushered to another area where a speaker is talking, it turns out to be an assembly for exam results with 7 local schools. I sit down with the kids and listen. 

Then…the speaker calls me up!! I end up hanging out awards and congratulating kids who are top of the classes. 

The land is split by a bar wire fence and its night and day between the two schools. But I survived and I think I made some smiles along the way. 

Oh the best part was waiting outside the gate for my ride. Some village kids saw me and so I pull my ukulele out and start playing for them. Got them singing Somewhere over the rainbow. The adults on the street laughed at me but its ok…I just own my oddness at this point. Is it that odd to see a sole mazungoo on a back road in Africa in front of a school just start singing with kids? Maybe but I like to think it wasn’t me but someone else (God) who gave me the courage to street perform. 

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