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My Butt Screams

If andy can beat Cancer than I can do a measly 80 miles for Cancer.

After a long 7 hours on the bike, half of which was in a deluge of rain, I was tired and in lots pain. It’s my way of putting my strength to the test since Andy has the strongest guy I know. His months of treatments and huge surgery just show how amazing he is to have survived and still smile:)

At about mile 70 my legs were screaming, my butt was in agony, and my mind was playing tricks on me. Cancer sucks but it wasn’t going to rob me of this small victory today!

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One Week away!!

I’m going out and cycling for a real cause finally and not just because I’m crazy to ride long distance on an uncomfortable seat in hot weather.

Cancer SUCKS!!!!! If you agree with this than help me raise money for Cancer Research by donating anything, even just a dollar:)


I am cycling 80 miles (and I haven’t been training because of being sick and family emergencies yikes, should be interesting test of endurance). It’s part of the MSU Gran Fondo Event for Skin Cancer Research. I know it’s not Gastric Cancer but really all cancers are related and one break thru can help another.

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Cancer Fundraising

I am trying my hand at fundraising now. I am mixing my love for Biking and my love for Andy in one sport. The Gran Fondo Bike tour is June 29th and I have started a fundraiser page. My goal is $500. It benefits Skin Cancer research. Of course Andy doesn’t have that cancer but any form of cancer sucks and advancement in one cancer research can always help out other studies.

I am biking the 80 mile loop that day but you don’t have to be a rider to donate.

Check out the fundraising website here: Gran Fondo

Choose my fundraising page from the list, its called ‘cancer sucks – ride harder’ and click the green Donate Today button.

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