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Returning to the island (again)

I am putting my ‘island’ clothes back on. Off with the business clothes and on with the lightweight colorful clothes. What a contrast between the two. One is to be portrayed as smart, successful, and businessy. The other is to be comfortable, cool, and relaxed.

Shouldn’t we all want to be the second? That’s probably why when we go on vacation we seek out hot climates to relax. What if you decided to live in that ‘vacation’ spot? Does that mean you will always be relaxed and carefree? No! Definitely not! It seems the complete opposite result, at least when first adjusting. I don’t want to go…I want to go north and snatch my dogs back up and get a cozy apartment with hot water. However, that wouldn’t do Andy justice. I owe it to Andy to push on and see what could be…  He didn’t suffer for nothing, his pain will never be forgotten! Getting past the caregiver’s guilt is my next hurdle. The true test of endurance and accepting this new future.

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