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Ever think of how YOU can partner with a someone crazy enough to move to Africa?

Donate Button with Credit CardsHealing Eyes is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization based in Western Michigan. If you would like to partner with us on a one time or monthly basis, please make your checks payable to Healing Eyes, Inc. and mail to 4160 Blue Heron DR SE, Apt 302, Kentwood, MI 49512. All donations are tax deductible and a statement will be mailed to you for your records. Thank you.

If you don’t have a PayPal Account Don’t Worry it’s not required  look to the bottom left side after clicking the Donate button, where it says “Don’t have a PayPal Account”.

Fundraising Goal

Mission trip to Africa May 19 – June 30 is more than tutoring kids in a village, its connecting and building relationships with those with the least. Please Help me reach my Goal to 100% fund this trip so that I can continue to reach out to those in need.

There is a strong calling to bring compassion and empathy to the children of Africa. More so than just food and medicine. The importance of human touch and eye contact as a baby is something lost from these children because of the need to grow up fast to survive. The children are taking care of children and those that live are left to live in harsh conditions, sometimes without a parent or caregiver. We can fall into the trap of helping too much and it ends up hurting a culture. What we are called to do is add ‘flavor’ to the world we live in, salt of the earth. If there is one thing I have is we all have a gift to share and my gift is Pain, Empathy, and Compassion. If children grow up without knowing another human being cares and that compassion does exist than the flavor of life will die. Being a Christian is more than Believing, it is following and dying daily for others to know God’s love through our lives.

Healing Eyes, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in Western Michigan. If you would like to partner with Healing Eyes on a one time or monthly basis, please make your checks payable to Healing Eyes, Inc. and mail them to 4160 Blue Heron Dr SE, Apt 302, Kentwood, MI 49512. 

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Getting closer to fully funded for Mission Trip to Kenya

Please help me reach my goal of $5,000 before I leave for Africa in May. Every little bit can make a difference no matter how small it seems. Only need $1875 to complete the goal, yay! Thank you to those who have helped reach over half of the money raised.

As a 501c(3) Non Profit organization any amount can be a tax deduction for next year’s taxes!

Donate to Healing Eyes, Inc. Ministries online via PayPal with either a one-time donation, or a recurring monthly Donate Button with Credit Cardsdonation by clicking on the “Donate” button to the right!
If you don’t have a PayPal Account Don’t Worry it’s not required look to the bottom left side after clicking the Donate button, where it says “Don’t have a PayPal Account”.

Prayer is also a Big Ways to Support Healing Eyes!

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What a fast response to creative ways to help out…

It happened so fast that I hardly believe it myself but I now have in my hands a Free Laptop given to me out of response to the need I blogged about only 2 hours ago. No sooner had I clicked publish, I got a message saying, “I have a laptop you can have”!


The laptop donated is missing a battery and the power cord is a bit frayed. Do I dare push my luck and put the request out for a laptop battery and power cord now? If anyone wanted to help out these are links to Amazon where they are quite inexpensive. It would be a huge blessing and a complete answer to Prayers for helping me help the orphans in Africa with Computer skills.


My Answer to prayer.. This is Caitlin who offered me an old laptop she didn’t need anymore. yay!

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Creative ways to help with stuff you may not want anymore..

I have a need for CREATIVE ways to help me on my Africa trip this May.

  • Inexpensive Laptop with wifi capabilities, word processing, basic graphic design software. Lightweight and not too shiny that someone would want to take it.
  • Good working printer
  • Sketch books to hand to students for teaching Graphic Design to them
  • Ukulele to have kids sing with, Only $33 on Amazon

All this is before I leave May 19th for Kenya to tutor at the Mugomari School

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It can just be that ONE!

Some nights are worse than others for everyone put there. Either living in poverty or living in moderation or even luxury. 

Last night was hard…sparks ignited memories long past and grief took hold strongly in the night. My husband is dead … But today the sun rose again and so I must!

It’s very very hard raising support by myself but I keep forgetting it’s not me but God that’s running the show. I will keep being the persistent widow and doors will open. 

It would be great to have another little gathering of people to share what adventure lays ahead in Africa. Looking for a venue and ears to listen. It only takes 12 people to make a gathering right? So let’s find those 12!!!:)

Healing eyes is reaching out to radio stations..church’s..families..and that ONE person wanting to partner with us in the great ambition to bring love and compassion to a world full of hope. There will always be sick and poor…there will always be suffering..and there will always be that ONE. 

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Expect more from the least

What would my job description be now if I had to explain it to others?

I just got back from taking 4 kids to the movies and I had only thought it was going to be 3 but once again another kid snuck in. It seems to be getting easier to get the kids after school now. It feels like I am making progress with their mothers finally which makes me think. Perhaps I should try harder to get to know these woman that work hard to provide for their children. Yes i could think the opposite and assume the reason why they let me take their kids out to the beach or movies is because they don’t want to do those thing. Or. Perhaps its because they need to work a lot in order to put food on the table and give their kids a place to stay. It may not look like the best lifestyle to others looking in but once you really start to look you can see how much they care for their kids and how much more I have to learn about their stories too.

My new job description is going to be relationship builder to those with the least of things. Maybe I”ll find that its not quite what I think and they have a very rich life measured in another way.

After the movie I ran into a boy from the boys and girls club, he recognized me first of course. Then I a mother caught my eye and said ‘Hi Miss Sarah’. It seems I am starting to be noticed more. She was interested to hear more about my trip to Africa coming up and how she can help. Maybe God was right when he said I needed to seek out others that I wouldn’t have originally assumed to want to give. It’s always the people you don’t expect that step up. I better be careful what I ask for as now I am afraid I might get an abundance of supplies to bring with me to Africa. I’ll just have to pack nothing for myself and wear only 2 outfits in order to have room for all the gifts.

My wish is that others could see what I see here. Experience what I am feeling. Above all know what it is to Give Back and step outside your comfort zone.

Tomorrow I got sweet talked into agreeing to taking the girls to the beach/pool again. Perhaps it will be hard to say goodbye when the day comes. Whatever am I to do!

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