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Blessings and goodbyes

Today was it. The last day with my job in Michigan. I’m a bit stunned still but after tonight it’s gonna be ok. I’ve gone all in and am now unemployed but with a purpose. To serve kids and find myself in the process. I’ve been given the gift of time and I need to embrace it.

After I said my last good bye than my night began. My friend came over to work on vbs for next week. We ended up making too many little booklets since my math appears to still suck.
Then I walked back with her to her home and pet my new puppy friend on the way.
I haven’t been eating too well since I don’t cook and I am trying to save money by eating cheap. But I got to eat my first goat meat! Yup a little goat! Tasted like meat lol.
Had some plantain too and passion fruit! Then left with a blender and two bottles of fresh passion fruit!
What a great gift from God. He said go to the island. So I listened. He said stay on the island I am trying to listen. He said let go of the job that you love and submit. I finally agreed. Result is I got a home cooked meal and great company.
Little by little I’m shedding my grief and finding that Sarah beneath.
Little by little I give in to that voice and a blessing appears.
Little by little my faith grows and I feel safer.





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