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Compassion doesn’t stop at religion

A muslim and a christian both have the heart of compassion and were good Samaritans in Uganda today. First let me tell you how but my day started off with a bit of do-it-yourself first aid in the village.

I brought my handmade first aid kit complete with nearly everything to bandage a wound just in case any child came up to me with a burn or cut. Of course one by one they showed up and I treated about 4 of my kids with burns from a fire to cuts from trees. These wounds left alone would become infected and surely cause serious complications for their future, their is no hygiene or disease education here..

After a morning of bandaging children we headed back into town and that’s when we saw her.

A young girl walking naked on the side of the road as we returned to town at 2pm. We went past and I had this sinking feeling we must turn around. We see crazy people often but she was naked! I tell my driver we have to help. He says no…i almost agree but I say what would Jesus do? We have too try to at least put her clothes on or she will be raped. We turn around and once she sees me she runs. We get in the car and Chase her. We try again and she runs. We then decide too follow on foot. I yell for people to stop her but no one cares. Finally a group of men help and we hop on two motor bikes and Chase her through the town, thru alleys and roads. I yell for a kid too stop her. We almost have her cornered when she finds large rocks and throws them at me. So we chase her again and finally a man who owns a tailoring shop restrains her.
At the police station they send us across the street and then they send us back and then they send us back again after being stern we must help her. Finally we took her to the main hospital and insisted they refer us too a mbale private hospital that can actually treat her and not throw her back on the street.

We arrived safely in mbale with the girl, about a 45 minute drive, and brought her to the psych ward of the hospital. It was dark by now and a crazy lady greeted me, she was actually very nice but at first scared me by grabbing tightly to my arm in the dark. The nurses had to sedate our missing girl and she struggled immensely and even spit at my driver. But my new muslim friend held her down tightly and we were so blessed tonight to have met him and to see such a caring heart in another African here.


As we sat with the girl until she fell asleep I talked to the man about his religion a little and we found a commonality between us and that was, suffering. We are tested in life by suffering and its our faith in action that shows true humanity.

So now my missing girl is sleeping in mbale and I am back in Tororo and tomorrow I’ll have to go back and feed her food (hospitals here do not provide food) and hopefully the doctor will have an answer to her sickness in the head as well as figure our her identity. She talked a little bit and said she was from Kampala and took a motor bike and walked the rest of the way but not sure if this was delirious talk or truth.

Tomorrow I have to go redress the wounds in the village too… Yikes too much to do!!!

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