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Day of Success and Miracles

Yesterday I was in the hospital for an infection and then today well I woke up to an email from a friend saying they have $2000 for me to buy a car. Then I get home after a long day and find out another $500 is coming from another friend for the car. So in ONE day I have enough to buy a car for Healing Eyes ministry in Uganda. Wow! Prayer does work people!!!!!

So today was a day of progress and smiles. The devil might have tried yesterday to tear my body apart with infections but today God gave me the strength to persevere and adapt to my environment.  The kids were extra happy to see me and are saying my name much more these days. There shyness is wearing off finally. I was able to teach a little english and math with some worksheets I brought along and the kids found them challenging to do. As I graded them they encircled me and nearly crushed me, but it was all in good spirits. What was cute was when I first got to school Jessica asked me right away if I would teach english yet. Ah what a sweetie.


Later when I pulled the ukulele out finally they were so excited and again nearly mulled me by there shear numbers. There is about 257 kids there now, yikes!

The uniforms also came for my 30 needy kids and we had fun handing those out. The quality wasn’t what I expected but the boost in self esteem these kids received was well worth it.


Then we closed off with a nice lunch for the 30 kids that was provided by Gaines Church and another private donor. Such a blessing to see some fruit to our labor.


Tomorrow I hope to bring another 2 kids to the hospital, one is a strange head disease and another is a burned foot. Pray that goes well and we get some answers for these two strong kids

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A story about a miracle – part 1

We found a place in Uganda that is struggling to support 185 orphans and so I was led there through some interesting ‘coincidences’. Let me begin by telling a little story about a little girl.


There once was a young lady who met a small, quiet girl by a huge waterfall. The lady grew to love the small girl and was very sad to leave one day. However, the lady knew she would see her again.

One rainy day in May the lady found a way to visit the girl but sadly only for a brief moment. She had a friend drive her all the way from Kenya to Uganda, it took 6 hours on very bad roads! The journey was very strange for the young lady because she had never crossed the border in Africa and she was very scared. There were bad men who tried to con her out of money. Luckily God stepped in and found a taxi to drive her and her friends all the way to the waterfall. But her luck still was bad it seemed because she got lost on the way. Many villagers along the way tried to give directions until finally they found the road. Again God led the way to the waterfall. But wait! It started to rain and the car had trouble getting down the muddy road. So the young lady got out and ran through the rain and mud. Sadly, when she arrived the little girl was not there. This made the young lady very sad and a tear fell from her eyes and down her cheek. God sent an angel to watch over the young lady and the angel saw her tears. It then began to rain even harder as if the world felt her pain. The roads became even muddier and muddier and the journey back would be even more treacherous. The young lady begged her friends to spend the night and wait til morning to see the little girl. But they said no.

When she got back to the car and sat down her clothes were soaked and muddy. She choked back the tears. She asked for a miracle to happen to stay longer. The angel from God heard this cry and amazingly the car would NOT start! The driver was confused and angry but the car refused to start. The young lady secretly smiled over this unfortunate event.

Just then the rain stopped too! The sun came out and she felt so loved by God. All of a sudden several small kids appeared at the lady’s feet and she searched for the one special girl. But she was not there. As she waited she giggled and smiled at the small children gathering. Off in the distance she saw more people and heard voices. What could it be? As she squinted she saw a little girl dressed in blue running down the hill. Could it be?! Yes! It was her! As she got closer she spread out her arms and scooped the little girl up into her arms and cried with joy. God had made it rain for the first time in weeks and broke the car so that the little girl would make it in time.

Do miracles exist today?



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