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Silent wait

Back in the ER again. That’s a record for us. Twice within a week.
This time they are concerned about the numbness in his legs so they are doing a mri of the spine.
God I hope they find nothing! Please no more bad news!

I’ve noticed a trend. ER nurses usually aren’t as sympathetic as cancer nurses.
I think or wonder if nurses get training in empathy for all types of illness..
It would help make visits more bearable I think.
Of course I’m sure there job isn’t easy and they get alot of complainers and difficult patients so I can’t be too hard on them. It’s just so tiring going thru all the same questions and revisiting of past wounds that haven’t healed.

By far I would have to say the nicest are those at both cancer Centers. They see how awful cancer is for the patient and the caregiver. Gives them the advantage I guess.. I could never do their jobs, my heart is nearly fried from the past months of hell already.

There is no finish line in all of this. Just endless scans and revisits and hopes that nothing comes back.
The silent wait… Lack of closure… And prolonged What ifs.

Embrace the moment.. Every day can throw the unexpected.. Good or bad.

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