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TV episode or Real Life?

Dinner with Friends..their identities will be kept hidden for their own safety…

‘Crystal Thunder’ and ‘Yolanda Banks’ joined me Sarah for a going away dinner and walk down memory lane.

It seems that my life has turned into a TV drama or a crazy movie. This evening was the scene where the 3 friends meet up when they are all grown up and each are extremely different in personalities. One friend we will refer to as ‘Yolanda Banks’ is a peppy, lovable, mother of three, peace keeper, and very joyful personality. The second we will lovingly call ‘Crystal Thunder’, now she is quite boisterous and giddy, always has a sarcastic tone and cynical view, although she hides her lovable side we all know she just wants to be hugged like a fluffy bunny. Then there is ‘Sarah’ the world traveler business woman, young widow, in search of who she is, a writer wanna be, and most likely to be voted crazy due to her propensity to always go all in or nothing.

Three opposites that can sit back over dinner at the Olive Garden and laugh for hours about some pretty random and stupid things. At times the conversation can turn from serious to light hearted with a mixture of inappropriate comments on the others life stories. I would repeat some of them but then I fear I might be outed from the trio of misfits since most of what is said will be lost in translation.

In a nutshell a great night and an encouraging one. My path is set and I’m following it. Yolanda can’t quite believe who this new Sarah is since a year ago this Sarah wouldn’t be saying lets pray on it or what would God do. It’s shocking really to think what great pain can do to ones heart and the ripple effect of its awakening. Pain is the one true method to awaken dreams, long lost over trying to be a responsible adult in chasing the American dream.

Feelings come and feelings go
Feelings are deceiving
I rest my heart on the Word of God
Not else is worth believing








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