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What does Go mean?

Go he says!

Go now he says….

Ok then I went and now what? Arrived Tuesday night..Wednesday was spent waiting for travel..Thursday we waited all day for our lost luggage. 

We spent today mostly playing Go Fish in Kampala, not quite what I expected but do we ever know what to expect when we Go?

My little brain didn’t fully realize the motives behind the waiting game, Go Fish game, and the lost luggage from our flight but God did. So we prayed frequently today as we got impatient and ornery at each other. Fought off a few fights and survived the day quite contently. 

Our results?

  1. We met a pastor and arranged the visit to the remote school of orphans.
  2. We got drinking water supply
  3. Exchanged money
  4. Got a car
  5. And since we waited all day for our lost luggage we have our friend coming with us tomorrow as our guide again. She originally couldn’t go until Friday evening but now since we delayed our long trip (from Wednesday) to the east of Uganda she can come with. 

Even though the day seemed long and unproductive by American standards we did a lot on God time.  

Healing Eyes

Patience can pay off

What if you had no voice?
What would you do?

What if you had a voice but no one heard you?
What would you do?

What if you were too scared to talk?
How would you cope?

There is a little girl who started this year who won’t talk. When she does it’s barely a whisper and a squeak. Yesterday was so cute though since she squeaked a lot. She really likes making rubber band bracelets but is sad when she can’t keep the one she makes, I almost want to break the rule and let her so she smiles. At the end of class on this day I was hurrying to finish the last polar bear snowmen when I was asked to go over to her class and see why she wouldn’t leave with the other kids. She was sitting politely at her little table all alone with her head hung low. I kneeled down and asked what was wrong and she squeaked madly and pointed at her pages and pages of homework not completed. I patiently tried to calm her down and began working on the math problems with her. I got her to say the numbers as we added them! In between squeaks of course. Each day she gets bolder…it won’t be long before she talks all the time. Sometimes we just need patience and perseverance to be heard.

Healing Eyes