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Why can churches be so painfully uninspiring

Crisis of faith. Heaviness on my heart. More questions than answers at this point on where Healing Eyes goes from here. Unless a miracle happens soon I may be giving up on this mission. I know I didn’t expect a clear direction while here but it would be nice for more assurances than doubt while here. 

A rooster crows. A goose quacks. The minutes drag by and I can only think of escape. 

Went to a catholic mass today that possibly has caused me to want to go back to Agnostic beliefs. It was painfully long and all in Swahili so I had no clue of what they were saying. Then they sang songs over and over. I am human and sadly I complain. Forgive me for my honesty. But if that is religion I want nothing to do with it. Why do you think people turn away from religion … Could it be churches? Don’t kill the messenger here but after this morning I am not a religion fan. I always strive for honesty on this blog even if it sounds harsh. Is this blog too blunt? Should I censor my heart more? 

Yea maybe.  But would it be an interesting read still?

Let’s see what is a positive note I can share? Ah my ringworm is clearing up lol!! 

If you pray and if you don’t consider saying one for me this week to not lose hope on the last legs of this trip. Don’t pray for safety or health instead say this, “Please let sarah find the beauty around her she is supposed to see and show her the path to take.” “Bring the kids to her in hundreds and help her see Billah again.”


“Tell her if she is supposed to keep going in Africa and if not make it crystal clear to her as to what job is next.”

Thanks everyone. 

Healing Eyes

Ah crap…not my Jeep!!!

2pm and it’s time to volunteer at the Boys and Girls club…so…I get in my Jeep and head out… but wait…something bad is about to happen eek!

After driving down the road the Jeep started to make a noise!

While turning around to bring the Jeep to the mechanic I stalled at a red light and begged for the jeep to start.. it did.. but … then a few miles down it stalled while going down a hill. The brakes got soft and I had to use the handbrake to come to a stop on the side of the road next to some guys cleaning cars.

Hand Smack!!!

Smoke coming out of the engine and a clanging sound. One of the guys comes up and we talk, I was only a mile away from the mechanic and thankfully the guy offered to pull me with a rope. Another guy volunteered to steer and I went along for the ride.

photo (6)

My Jeep was coasting down the hill and I was led, quite literally, to two guys named, Jesus and Jacob who pulled me to the mechanic with a tattered piece of string. Nice guys at least, they also do mechanic work so maybe they’ll be cheaper if the engine is savable. I decided to hug Jesus, I mean why not he saved me $75 for a tow truck (he kissed me on the cheek, he didn’t speak much english). I told them my name, Sarah, and they laughed, another biblical name from the bible. At least I can laugh about the fact that now I have no car.

I was going to say Pray it was seized up but I just got a call. Its the radiator and all the hoses and whistles to go with it. So now I am out $610 to fix it.

Would it be bad to put the donate button on this post for anyone that wants to help an island gal out who just wants to help the kids since God said to sell everything and move to an island to mentor to kids ?  I could really use a miracle right about now 🙁

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Healing Eyes

Prayer Request

After a long day of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself and being bored I gave in and started typing up my old journal for my ‘book or novel’.

I noticed that after Andy died I prayed that God take me life and use it. To distance me from loved ones so that I could find myself again. Who would have thought he would have literally answered that prayer. Be careful what you pray for! 

So now I pray a new prayer.

God please take my life again and use it to help the kids in pain, suffering, and feeling alone. If for the time it’s in St. Croix than I thank you for that opportunity. I pray, however, that you will take me even farther and give me a chance to be with kids who are dying from illness, neglect, and abuse. Expand my territory. I seek the kids in other countries that need a stranger’s love and compassion. Give me the feet to go and feel their pain, to cry with them and to be present in the suffering. No more do I want to feel just my loss, let me feel the pain of others! I pray for even more than what you have given me. My heart can withstand it, you built my heart for such a purpose. You knit me in my mother’s womb knowing ahead of time what my purpose would be. Give me the training I need now to heal the wound of infertility but leave a scar behind to remind me of how precious life is. 

Peter 5:6
Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


Let the power of prayer begin?

Healing Eyes