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Loud and Clear

When a child is hurting or hiding something they won’t say much. In some cases the child shuts down and doesn’t say a word to anyone. I’ve been fortunate to have a little girl talk to me a couple times since meeting here. Today she audibly said something that made me giggle. Normally when she speaks its inaudible and at most you can kinda hear a faint whisper in your ear. I mentioned her earlier when she whispered, “I miss my parents”, to me. Today she blew me away when she almost let her wall down enough to yell something out to me.

I told my girls we were making snowman in class today and she overheard me mention that. She is in the primary class and not mine. She grabbed me on the way in and mumbled something and then she repeated it LOUD and clear, “I want to make a snowman!”

Moments like that make it feel worth it. I even got her to smile a bit and learn how to make rubber band bracelets. She was very persistent in learning even though she kept messing up. Finally she made a bracelet and than a second one. When I told her they are going to Africa she threw her arms together and whined with a very sad pouty face. Me and the other kids explained to her that sometimes you have to Give to receive and this time she needed to give. Eventually she understood..I think.

I think sometimes we all want to put our arms around our chest and sigh that life isn’t fair. Why can’t I have it or why does some things come easier for others. Being content with what we have is hard and hopefully these kids are learning something about sharing and letting go.

Pastor Abe vs 4 girls

Pastor Abe vs 4 girls

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