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Random filled day

Trying to make sense of my day and it’s not really coming together in my head. I decided to visit the school that I call “evil”, since I hadn’t been there all week. So I prayed and read the bible for some strength to face the school. I got on the piki piki and made the trip over. When I got there the school was not open. The kids were off until Monday. Great! So now what?

Well I saw the little kids at primary school in the school yard next door. So i decided to just go over there. I said bye to the piki piki guy and walked over…past two cows. 

Eventually the kids saw me walking over and came running over. The circled me like before. Than we sang and goofed around with the ukulele. I then thought maybe I should introduce myself to the principal and has the kids lead me. I found an adult and asked what can I do to help. He just said, “well you are already playing with the little ones so keep entertaining them”.  

So ok…again I randomly show up at this school and just make it up as I go. We went to the field and I remembered I had construction paper in my bag so I figured let’s make birds and giraffes out of origami. I sit down which then makes the kids come closer and crushed each other. About 50 kids I think and I’m squeezed in the middle of the cluster. I just decided to go with it and made a bird out of paper. I had the kids answer a question in order to get the bird. One girl raised her hand and answered it correctly when I asked Where was Jesus born, so she got the bird. I had to scream over there voices but it was working. So I made a giraffe and asked Who was Jesus’s mother. Another kid answered and got it right. Since many kids were getting crushed I stood up and tried to form a circle. By now more kids showed up and circle was huge. The kids sang and clapped songs. I taught them one new song, “my God is so big”.

Then I remembered I had a fairy tale book in my bag and so I tried having them read out loud. Many were too shy but some took the bait. 

The bell rang and classes started so I followed my gang of kids and settled on a room with about 20 kids. Sat down and waited for a teacher. No one showed. Sooooo I guess I’ll teach English and grabbed a book and started going over past tense words. This was kind of like last time I showed up and taught impromptu. No adults greeted me or stopped, one guy watched a bit and the kids were very quiet then. He waved me to continue. 

Eventually it was lunch time so I followed the kids outside. They were walking home to eat. So I ended up sitting by the road and waited for a ride back. A bunch of kids kept me company and I sang for them. Thank goodness for my ukulele!!

My ride showed up and I found out they were going to run errands and visit the doctor soooo I didn’t want to do that. The next town I found a taxi and crammed in (I knocked my head hard on the door frame) and my butt was kind of tilted up against the metal side and a bar dug into my hip. But it was cheap transport ! Then I got to town and had a piki piki take me home. 

I couldn’t have planned this day. But it was fun with the small kids and teaching English. Yet again I don’t know how I was bold enough to take over a class and sing in a field. But that’s what happened! There was a small girl crying at one point so I hugged her and I hope that was my purpose for being there at that unexpected moment. Another girl’s shoe was untied and I tied it, I think she was shocked and scared of me. 

I hope Billah is getting love back in Uganda. I wish I could be with her now encouraging her…maybe a random mazungoo will visit her school like me and hug her for me. 

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Registration for kids program filled up fast

Registration for the After school program at the Lighthouse. I am in charge of the 3-6th graders and it filled up fast! Most are returning kids from last year. We were up to 9 yesterday with 1 spot left and I was praying it would be filled by one very special girl! Her mom showed up today and took the spot, yay!!! Then I gave in to one more returning kid so I’m a bit over capacity but it’s ok…it’s nothing like the Boys and Girls club of 15 + kids in a small hot room.

Next week Tuesday Miss Sarah’s class starts and we shall see who really teaches who over the next months.

As always I need prayer for strength and perseverance. Between two clubs my week will be quite exhausting but I can handle it, the business world of politics and drama prepared me for this (kinda). Screaming kids compared to screaming coworkers hmmm…ya no worries:)

I am so thankful for the donations I have received to help with my mission. I almost have enough collected to pay for my October rent and I know God will somehow provide the rest.

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