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The Land is Purchased

The land is officially ours! Thanks to many prayers, donations, and the Lord, Healing Eyes has officially purchased soil in Uganda that will house a primary school, library, and clinic. It’s been an incredibly difficult but rewarding journey of trusting the Lord. I can honestly say that the only way we were able to finally purchase this land was because it is the Lord’s will.  We faced much opposition but the survey stones have been laid and the land is now ours!

Donald placing the survey stones!

Donald laying the survey stones!

Sarah and Jon laying the stone!

Sarah and Jon laying the stone!

Following the purchase and laying of survey stones, we let loose back at the school. We introduced some new games to the kids. Although none of them had ever heard of football or duck duck goose, the kids loved it! Later, kids began to come up to Sarah and show her their wounds. Sarah has become quite the medic. Countless children came to Sarah, pointing out wounds and thanks to the medical supplies brought by Donald, it was no trouble to bandage up all of the kids. Hopefully we will be able to use antibiotics soon too, but we aren’t a clinic… yet 🙂
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It was another jam-packed, but joy-filled day, and God continually provides strength to get the job done. Praise God for answered prayers, and pray for continued direction and energy.



Feeling Outnumbered

Helpless in Africa or just beginning to realize the terrible fact that we are out numbered my kids and drunkards.
Now I just need to hide out from my enemies a bit longer and kick butt tomorrow in the village with fixing huts lol. Yesterday at the destroyed home of agatha there was one guy and 15 kids standing on the fallen tree. I stood there thinking ok let’s fix this house now. But realized oh we need men and oh they are all drinking alcohol down the road and my only guy is half blind and I’m a small lady. So God what miracle will you work for me this week?

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All Moved In

After a week I am now in my new apartment. It was quite an accomplishment! 10pm Uganda time we moved in under the veil of darkness – and it wasn’t easy. Unfortunately, the bed wasn’t complete yet, so some guys were sawing and hammering for an hour… Everything is slow here!
My mosquito net is the wrong size (too small) so I am now half under it with pillows holding it down, and the varnish on the bed frame is giving me a headache. However, I am happy to say I have a lot of steel between me and the outside, as well as, steel padlocks on my steel doors and I am bolted in snug as a bug in jail. I have many many keys and feel like I am in Alcatraz prison.
My shower was nice even though the design is quite bizarre:)

Today in the village we looked for land and had some good luck..
I also found one of my kids was sick so since I have a car still we took her right to the clinic immediately! Had I not had the car she wouldn’t have made it to the clinic because it is too far. We found out she has malaria. So she now has medicine and I pray she heals quickly. It’s so amazing how in America such a thing as this trip to a clinic is taken for granted. Here the distance and cost for transport prevents many from getting to a clinic. If God hadn’t put Healing Eyes in touch with this village than each child we help wouldn’t know compassion.
This makes me smile and justifies the insane heat, lonely nights, steel cage, and absence of meals.

Goodnight to all and remember today as you rest your head on your pillow that a little girl is in a grass hut feeling a bit better knowing God is caring for her thru our prayers and Action taken to be here in Africa



The difference 1 year can make

I am reading my old journal from St Croix and one year ago as I prepared to leave to return to Michigan I wrote this…

“It will be ok. I will give you more children than you can imagine. Be ready when I call and go when I say to. Study my word and prepare your heart and faith. Support will come in ways you can’t imagine quite yet. Go to Michigan and then wait. St Croix will still be here and the kids are watched over. You did what you needed to do now go.”
“Sarah trust me in the coming months. It will be hard but each change will be easier for you to adapt. I am training you for mobility and travel. Teaching you when to go and when to stay. Molding your heart to withstand storms to lean on me. Planning is no more. It’s now My time to shape you . Trust me to lead you and don’t let go of my hand.”
“Pain is my gift to you my child. With it comes wisdom and great responsibility. Leadership and the willingness to do my work. No more working for others or yourself…. You will work for me”

1 Peter 5:10
And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm, and steadfast.

And now it’s a year later and I’m in Africa suffering with the least of these and those who want to do me harm… And there are more children than I can count.
Does God mean what he says? Hmm maybe…


Snapshots of a journey

Healing Eyes

A widow suddenly not so barren anymore

What does one barren widow do with 200 newly adopted children in a remote village in Africa?


Does anyone out there have any ideas?

I have fallen in love with 2 special girls who caught my attention when I first arrived at the distant school in Eastern Uganda. There names are Mercy and Sarah. It was when I was taking a few kids aside to interview them one on one when I made the discovery that the 2 girls I saw my first day there were total orphans. For some reason God put them in my sights before I even knew why I was supposed to notice them.

It’s my hope that by sharing stories of children who touched my heart that more people out there will reach out to me wanting to help through prayer and/or monthly support.


Mercy: age 7

Her father is unknown and her mother abandoned her. She now is under the care of one of the teacher’s at the school who also lives alone (I can’t go into detail as to her story but she has an amazing heart and one child of her own).

Sarah : age 9

Her father passed away and the mother abandoned her. She also lives with the same loving teacher.

Both of these girls are shy and reserved, as many of the children are at this struggling school in the bush. It’s hard to know what life is like for them or what pain they have gone through but in there eyes is a shimmer of hope that even through loss we all can succeed.

Healing Eyes

It’s time for us to do something

There are children standing here,

Arms outstretched into the sky,
Tears drying on their face.

No Bravery

Houses burnt beyond repair.
The smell of death is in the air.
A woman weeping in despair says,

No Bravery

There are children standing here,
Arms outstretched into the sky,
But no one asks the question why….

Those lyrics are from the song by James Blunt called ‘No Bravery‘. I have seen children with arms in the air and tears stained on there faces. There faces lit up with hope! There faces beaten down by despair.

There ARE children standing here with outstretched arms waiting for someone to do something when they can not.

If not us than Who? There is another song called ‘Do Something‘ by Matthew West. Why doesn’t God do something? He said I did, I CREATED You!

Can you help me, a nobody sitting in a one bedroom apartment with doubts and fears like you? I want to find at least 20 people to give $20 each so I can go back to Africa in October with the school fees for little Billah and William in hand. So I can go to Billah’s mother and say she doesn’t have to be afraid anymore because her youngest child will stay in school, get the needed supplies, and have the prayers of hundreds of people back in the United States. That William will be able to go to boarding school and improve his self confidence in school and not be lost amidst the hundred of other faces in the poor village school. With these 2 kids we can Do Something and begin a transformation in there lives and the other little lives yet to be found on my travels.

Share $20 and I will show YOU what Doing Something can really do!

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Thank you. If you don’t have a PayPal Account Don’t Worry it’s not required  look to the bottom left side after clicking the Donate button, where it says “Don’t have a PayPal Account”.

Healing Eyes

Can coincidences lead to truth..the story continues

The continuation of the story which might just convince you that unseen faith can lead to the seen.

An unexpected adventure of a magnificent kind occurred on a sunny day in Africa in the month of June. A young widow came to Africa to see where she belonged and how she could help, and perhaps quiet the voices inside her head.

At the waterfall she met a little girl named Billah and this led her to return again and again. It was on this day that her traveling companion suggested an expedition of a unlikely sort to find a man neither of them knew. She explained he was a man who was helping orphans. They were struggling to provide education, food, and shelter for the children. After finding out that the young widow came to do just that, help orphans and widows she thought instantly of this man with a giant heart. It was only a few weeks before that she was told by her preacher about this man and his project of orphans.

With God’s help the young widow had followed his voice to come to Africa. She could not see why or how but perhaps this might be what he had prepared her for over the past year of searching and hoping.

The two travelers set out very early on this adventure by starting on foot from the mystical waterfall. As they walked many children greeted them from the village. Some ways down the road they found a motorbike and asked for a ride. After the motorbike they found a taxi full of people and stuffed themselves into the backseat. The road was bumpy and jostled them to and fro.

Finally, they arrived at the city and set out on foot to find yet another taxi overflowing with people going in the direction they wanted to go. It would drop them off at a small shack on the side of the road and sign marked Magodesi where they would then meet the man with the giant heart. But it began to rain and the ladies because discouraged as it was getting late and the man they met put some doubt in the young widow’s heart. The young widow prayed for strength and perhaps an excuse to run away. Instead they found a motorbike and went farther down the road with the man, far into the bush.

Finally, far into the bush and down a windy dirt road they came to a school. Screaming kids greeted them with Joy.


The lady was scared and tired, she feared the unknown but she had to keep going. Her heart lifted at the sight of the orphans so happy to see her. The school was very modest and small, the flies swarmed all around her head. The faces of children peered at her white skin and they giggled with glee. Each child had a story and you could see the pain in there eyes. There life was hard from birth and they felt very lonely. The sight of these happy kids in such a poor school pulled at the young lady’s heart. Was this why she came?

As she talked to the man she learned many things. His church helped the school and was also next to the school. It was made up of several woman who were widowed from the HIV disease. When the young lady heard there were 185 orphans and they were being supported by a congregation of mainly widows she chuckled to herself. Not because it was funny but because it was exactly what God had said to her over the past year to look for. He had nicely packaged it into one little spot.

But she was still skeptical..

There was one girl named Esther who had led the man to start the school because of her humped back and long arms. She had tried other schools but sadly the other kids made fun of her because of the hump on her back. She could not stay at those schools and she had no where else to go. So he started a school 2 years ago, it is near Kenya and a beautiful low valley in Uganda. It has handmade chalkboards and a few long wooden benches. The children will kneel in the mud to write on them. Some of the kids are taught under a tree for shelter, while others sit under a make-shift shelter of sticks. The name of the school has the word ‘vision‘ in it. The young lady chuckled again at this ‘coincidence’ as she new Healing Eyes may seem similar. She also realized the man had white eyes and vision problems, perhaps he needed some ‘healing‘ for his eyes.

As she left that school and travelled back to the waterfall she couldn’t help but think of all the ‘coincidences‘ that she were shown to her. Orphans supported by widowssign, many aren’t even the mothers of the children. God had told her she was to help neglected children and have widows help too. But what could one little Widow do for strangers in a foreign land? Then she saw a sign post with words written on it and an arrow, “Healing Ministries“, and it pointed down the road she just came from.

Why would God waste his time on a skeptical young widow such as her? But the words were so obvious, she could not deny the coincidences that lay before her!

Or could she just write it all off as convenient coincidences?

What do you think? Does God exist? Does he still talk to people and does he use such blatant signs to do so?

Well….there is yet more to the story..but yes, that will be another day when I share that and perhaps what ‘Project 616’ is..

Healing Eyes

For now I wait..and enjoy time with the kids

On an island in the sun where I once lived and wandered around. Visiting for two weeks is a very odd feeling. I’ve been here 3 days and each day I’ve taken kids out for mini adventures. For someone not used to having kids all the time I am tired but content. I’m already thinking of what it will be like when I leave and head to Africa. I’m a bit scared to be honest. 

I haven’t been thinking as much about the $1000 to go yet for fundraising. I have a month to find it. Anything is possible at this point. 

I hope to write more and share photos of the kids but for now I am beat. 

Goodnight from the island 


Healing Eyes