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You are going to fail often

I want to try even though I might fail.. I’ll keep on making those new mistakes as we continually hit walls, get hurt feelings, fail, get up, then fail again, get lied to, cheated, taken advantage of…and then keep on trying.

Anyone that wants to help the world and start a non-profit? I said it before but I’ll say it again, don’t do it! Its a headache, it has minimal gratification, you sacrifice more than you think, and no one will ever ever ever see how much work goes on behind the scenes to keep it going. No one will see the numerous times you get your feelings hurt by those you are trying to help. No one will understand the helpless feelings of not doing enough each time you try and try and try to make a difference. At every step you will think of stopping and throwing in the towel. The odds WILL BE and ARE against success and you will face adversity with every little change you go after. You will travel A LOT and not in first class luxury but tiny coach seats with crying babies…and you will get sick and exhausted emotionally from the drain on your life.

So why do it?!

Where is the pay out?! 

Where is the comfortable mansion at the end of the day and money in your pocket?

It won’t be there….but….through the suffering and sweat that goes into a journey of faith the rewards will be many in heaven. You can’t see it now of course so again why even try? I guess it’s pure determination, faith in the God,  and passion that drives me to keep on going and TRY EVERYTHING (like the song from Zootopia)!

We are starting the investigation of becoming a NGO in Uganda. I read a blog that said, don’t do it! Ha and so what am I doing? I am going to try and do it anyways!  By the end I’ll be a shell of a person i’m sure and near hysterical breakdown emotionally but it will create more sustainability in the project long term and benefit Healing Eyes. Plus i’ll be even more broke financially than I am now so of course it makes sense to do it…I mean if God wants it than it’s going to happen either way.

Not to be too overwhelmed but hey let’s also continue raising funds to build 2 classrooms! Need I say more on how difficult of an endeavor that will be?  When it says in the bible you will go through suffering and trials while on this earth that was not at all a lie but completely true. The estimates are coming in and it seems its about $25,000 to build 4 classrooms but that doesn’t include a borehole for water and the fence we need.

What’s inspiring to me is when I hear from a stranger they have been following my story since Andy died from cancer. That right there makes it worth it to keep trying because if someone maintains interest from the early beginnings of this journey than how AWESOME would it be to show what faith can do and let God build this dream. Not just ifs and maybes and could be’s but a real tangible school that someday a donor can touch with their very own hands. Knowing just how small Healing Eyes started from when I didn’t even believe in a God before God flipped my life upside down and started this mission.

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