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Living on Luck

For the first time in years i have no income, I am scared…I won’t lie.

Andy is gone, my house is gone. If God is real now what? Well I just looked at my PayPal account to see what I have saved up in order to pay my August Rent. What do I see? The exact amount I needed for rent! If I am to live month by month at least I know that August Rent is taken care of. The food and gas will figure itself out somehow.

I have learned to survive on little food and plenty of water. My freezer has frozen chicken breasts, and my refrigerator has fruit cups and granola bars. 

Vacation Bible School is done and I survived! The computer box arrived today to ship my laptop back to my old job, so now that chapter is coming to an end. What’s left? I guess giving in to the task at hand, write a novel and walk with kids.


Until then..

Needs: Food to not pass out, Rent Money to stay on the island, and Prayer for strength and direction

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First day of VBS and I am exhausted. Did I enjoy it? 12 kindergarten kids for the first day…and we told them to bring a friend tomorrow. That means it could double!

What did I get myself into?!

I might be missing that cozy office job right about now!

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